Earthquake in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Sad news indeed, good people the Kiwi's.

    Thoughts go out to those affected.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just seen Foxy on breakfast. He is talking to the NZ MoD now to offer whatever we can.

    We gave help, rightly in my view, to PAK and after the tsunami etc, the NZ are our friends and relatives. We should treat it as if it's a disaster in Hampshire or Aberdeenshire.

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  3. Mayor is advising citizens of Canterbury to catch rain water if they can: no showers, no flushing toilet, water from tap needs to boiled, assuming electricity is available . . . Stay at home, communications are breaking down, keep inner city roads clear for emergency services. RESCUE TEAMS ONLY TO ENTER DAMAGED BUILDINGS! Tents erected for a flower show are being used as emergency shelters.

    Why is it that no Western government insists on its citizens keeping at least four days' supply of drinking water and tinned food in their homes, along with a radio, torches and a good supply of batteries? A lesson to be learnt?
  4. Well, if ya going to live on a destructive plate margin, it's going to happen. No way of knowing when, but 100% certain to happen. Seems a bit as if they were pretty underprepared. Made me laugh that the BBC went to their correspondant in Australia for comment. That's a bit like asking a commentator in Rome to comment on snowstorms in Scotland.
  5. Er.........Aberdeenshire is already a disastoer.

    Edit: oops, sorry, it's not the Naafi.
  6. Ever stopped talking out of your arse and given your mouth a chance? New Zealand practises for earthquake constantly. They know they live in a high activity zone. For your information Christchurch suffered a bigger quake 5 months ago, but due to it occuring early in the morning there were few people about and therefore fewer injuries. Christchurch was just getting recovered from the previous quake.

    Incidentally if the Press used a correspondent in Australia, did you not think this may be due to the fact that Christchurch currently has very little electrical supply?
  7. Your a cnut 'mate', won't be so long before your arrse account is blocked you rancid sh1thead
  8. We're trying to get through to family - phones are out, scanning the net... Facebook etc. Some serious acts of human bravery going on by ordinary Civ Div:

  9. Terrible news to wake up to, even worse to see the footage of damage and distruction on tv. We have family on the south island after emmigrating 3 years ago, not getting answers on phones or email but can understand after seeing the damage to the infrastructure. Keeping our fingers crossed and thoughts going out to each and everyone effected by this awful disaster.
  10. Because it'd be impossible to enforce and would cost millions, and would be pointless 99.99% of the time.
    All the best to those out there and condolences to those who have lost friends and loved ones. Hopefully the DEC will have something up and running to collect for the Kiwis soon enough.
  11. NZ Civil Defence does advise all citizens to prepare for EQs, Tsunamis, Volcanic erruptions and armageddon in general by having a survival kit including enough water and food for each member of the family to last 3-4 days.
    The advice to gather rain water is to supplement the survival kit water ration. As ChCH is forecast to get some rain tonight it makes sense to remind people that drinking water dosen't just come out of a tap or a plastic bottle.
    The problem is that even after the large EQ of 4/9/10, most of CivPop are all too ready to forget the drama and assume the normal position on the couch.
    All though it's a good call on your part, here's a few to mull over.
    If it was to become a legal requirement to have a kit, who would enforce it?
    How many newspaper coloumn inches of 'Nanny State' outrage bus rant letters could you endure?
    Should a democratic elected authority, ie ChCh City Council, refuse to assist those who didn't have a survival package?

    Fully survival kitted up Kiwi.
  12. Is that why my sister and her freinds and work mates all keep that and more as advised by the Gov out the in USA land?

    However You can lead a horse to water but...
  13. Your glaring lack of knowledge of NZ Civil Defence and Emergency Service preparedness and the civillian populations awareness of how to survive an EQ, shines through.
    Kids are taught at Kindergarten, age 5 plus, to get to a doorway or under a table when they think an EQ is occuring for example.
    Every business that employs over 50 people must have a disaster plan that covers EQs tsunamis etc and regularly ensure it is updated and that staff know what to do in each situation.
    The ChCh Civil Defence and Emergency Services should be some of the most experienced organisations in the world for being able to cope with rescue attempts and dealing with the aftermath of EQs at the moment, they've had to deal with a 7.1 magnitude EQ, hundreds of aftershocks and now another big EQ, 6.3 magnitude in the last 5 months.
    We who live in NZ know the risks of living here, generally we're prepared to accept them as it ensures that we're able to live far enough away from and with certainty that F$%#wits like you will never be able to live here, the pros outweigh the cons considerably.
  14. Cheers fella and to all other ARRSErs sending good wishes a big thank you.
    As per with the ANZACs the Aussies are sending specialist Rescue crews from various States to assist with SAR who should be arriving soonish Kiwi time and the Japanese and Seppos have offered the same. Huzzah!
    Comms in ChCh and the Canterbury Region are mostly down and mobile networks overloaded so don't panic if you can't get hold of your kith and kin straight away.
    The word is that death toll may rise 'significantly', the PM John Key has warned NZ that we maybe facing our "darkest day" looking at the pics and having been in touch briefly with mates in ChCh I can well believe that.
    A very sad day indeed with more bad news to come.