Earthquake in Central Asia; thousands killed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smithie, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. Reuters

    Tragic; I'd say something a little trite like 'consolations to the bereaved', but it's woefully inadequate. Still, requiescant.

  2. My wife is in Dehli as we speak - I actually informed her about the earthquake and was informed that no one is talking about it in the capital of India! BTW they may be poor in India but they all work damn hard - there's no incapacity benefit out there - perhaps we could learn something?
  3. Care to expand on that one Phil306? What are you talking about?

  4. That's tragic! Very sad news...

    We are so lucky yet we can be quite the snobbish cnuts sometimes. Rest in peace..
  5. Sad news. :( Never nice to hear of people suffering.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What a complete and utter twat!
  7. Its a pretty simple statement: They are dead, I am alive.

    Better them then me...
  8. We'll remember that when the Big One hits the Bay Area. Don't expect any sympathy from anyone else, Phil.
  9. please stay on your side of the pond.... muppet!
    Sad news
  10. Pay no attention to Philly, he's a mere oxygen thief and troll.

  11. In March of 1983, I was a US Marine in Beruit, Lebanon. Our position had just been hit; rocketed, mortared, shelled...I was 19 yrs old and another Marine was killed during this shelling. I felt like shit, with tears running down my eyes. My platoon commander walked up and said, "Better him then you." Those words have stuck with me for 22 yrs. If you don't like it, too damn bad. However, I didn't cause the earthquake. Those people are dead, we are alive. I'm sorry they are dead, I am sorry shit happens. But it does...

    The sunsets, the tides roll in, your taxes or due, the bus is on time, etc. Quite whining like a 1 yr old and live with the fact: Death is part of life. Being a twit and complaining doesn't help.

    In so far as an earthquake here? I don't expect ANYONE to have sympathy for me. Never have, never will... Life is hard, life is tough. Deal with it.
  12. You know what Philly... you are right...

    Its like this time back in 2004... I was just 26 years old man. I had this dog, oh christ she was beautiful!!!. Just thinking about her brings a tear to my eye. She was gorgeous - long flowing blond locks and a playful attitude. I know there have been threads about beastiality recently and I'm not saying anything but all I'm saying is I loved her - I mean I *really* loved her. Anyway, one day I was out for a walk with her as we did every day together. As we crossed the road I dunno how it happened but a car came flying round the corner. Rover was dead. A moments inattention on my part and she was dead as a result. I'll have to live with the guilt for the rest of my life. But even though I loved her you are right... better her than me...

  13. I know this may be a long shot theory but is there any relationship between densely populated areas and all the plate techtonic action we've been seeing lately?

    Just curious....
  14. Earthquakes are not man made. Most buildings in the world are not constructed to be earthquake proof. There are some exceptions - Japan and multi-story buildings in southern california. Densely populated areas and earthquakes or some other natural event are a bad combination. The massive loss of life is numbing and tragic. Could it be avoided ? No I dont think so.
  15. To say "they deserved it" is completely callous and uncalled for!