Eartha Kitt – end of a unique entertainer

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by No.9, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Sad news to kick-off Boxing Day, but Eartha Kitt has died aged 81.

    Probably won’t mean much, if anything, to younger members, but she was a remarkable self-styled entertainer that couldn’t be imitated or equalled. Singer, dancer, actress, comedienne, entertainer and, though no great beauty, a symbol of allure rather than sex. Nothing vulgar or revealed, (the cheap and easy way), and perhaps on a cerebral level, but nonetheless it was in her glance, timing and brief comment that the impact was made.

  2. Eighty one years of age, not a bad innings. A wonderful entertainer and

    a sad loss. No 9, I think that you have summed her up nicely.

  3. A fine entertainer who could sing and act in an irreplaceable style - possibly the last of her breed.

    Rest in Peace.
  4. Miiiiooow!...the original sex kitten!
  5. It was the timbre of her voice that got to me, a sort of cross between gargling cream and rolling her 'r's
  6. She's the original 'Santa Baby' girl after all!

  7. Orson Welles - whom she dated for a while - famously described her as 'the most exciting woman in the world'.