ears and sight

Can any one here tell me how good you hearing and sight has to be?
Oh and please dont say to me go down and join up and youll find out.
I'm not sure pal, and to be honest, even if people on here do know I doubt they'l be able to illustrate a hearing level very well for you. That being said, I got a text during my hearing test and had to smash about at my pocket to stop my phone ratling my change and I still passed...

Thats the only thing id be bothered about the most getting in,and I would hate it if I went to join up waited like 3months to get my hearing test and failed.
Having asked 2 friends (one of whom is a GP and the other a consultant) I can confidentally report that you will need eyes and ears in order to be accepted; ideally, 2 of each.


To become a crew member on the Federation Starship Enterprise I believe that a final front ear is a distinct advantage!
Who said that ?
You need eyes AND ears? At the same time???? Bugger!

I work in an office with a four eyed alien. He has ears all over his body, with the hearing of a bat.

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