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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by scouser06, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. Hey I just want to know how good your hearing and sight has to be.A few people I know or have been told about (well 3 people any way) have not been allowed to enter because of failing the hearing exam.
    I just want to know how good does your hearing and sight have to be?

    Sorry I dont know why I spelt it like that.
  2. "not been aloud to enter" ........... very good. If you don't get in, there's always a career in comedy. Probably best not to go for a job that involves any significant amount of spelling though.
  3. Come on I fixed the post now, could someone please answer the question?
  4. It has to be good - try putting the question in the medical section of this site if you want technical info.

    Better yet, If you want to know if yours is good enough, go to the army recruiting office, sign up and find out.

    Be aware that it common for people who fail or bottle out of army selection to say 'it was my hearing/dodgy knee' etc.
  5. You could be right there about 1 of the lad bottling out because people where kept saying to him say if you go and get bullied you wouldn’t be able to leave and stuff like that.
    And he was actually the quite type.

    Will post this in the medical section