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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Doulea82, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello all

    sorry if this has been asked before but i was just wondering if an infantry man that isn't part of the parachute regiment can still earn his wings and if so how long do they after be in the British army to ask for the training.

    Also the same question but commando training.

    thanks in advance.
  2. yes and a week into basic just ask to see th OC training.
  3. You won't get your wing unless you are in a Para PID within your unit, we have had guys cut from BPC as the AB PID has been removed, they ARE in 16AAB.

    Booty course is up to your unit, I have spoken to the course instructor to get my blokes on it (previous unit), he said they never turn anyone away, your unit/Mannin and records puts in the stops.
  4. Getting on the All Arms course is difficult as the main slots are filled by those serving with the Brigade (Arty, Eng and Logs also the guys from the RN who are attached). You won't get on the course if you're just a badge collector.
  5. Me too Jarrod - disappointing!!
  6. Wrong.

    Apply for AACC, they always have places available. You might get relatively short notice for your course, and obviously you need to be released from your parent unit, but nearly every course starts slightly under-strength....

    Indeed, the SSgt PTI who took our phys was lidded, and did the course (a relatively long time ago) despite being in a unit that had no relation to Amphib Ops!
  7. Join the Para's if your that keen.

  8. Guess times have changed, certainly the last guys at CTC I spoke to said they were fully booked but that was a couple of yrs ago..

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  10. Command_doh

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    Now, this question has never, ever been answered on Arrse before has it? Not even in another thread or forum section. Oh no.
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