Earning your wings in contrast to the AACC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by joshrichardson, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. I have a few questions regarding the Rifles

    Is it possible to take part in pre/parachute training whilst in this regiment and hopefully, earn your wings?

    Is it possible to also take part in the AACC?

    Can both of these different types of training be done, or is it only possible to earn wings or participate in the AACC?
  2. The Rifles are not part of 16 AA Bde, you can do Pre PARA Ect by all means, however, the chances of getting your jumps are slim, the Bde have priority and a long waiting list due to the lack of big birds!
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  4. I may be wrong but could swear I saw some rifles chaps who were commando trained and are part of 3 Commando Brigade?
  5. A fair few are, no requirement for parachuting though, anyone winged up will have served in a parachute role previously.
  6. There were a few rifles lads on the pcoy before mine last month, as the section lists were still up in the squad rooms from the previous course.

    Not sure what there motivation for attempting pcoy was though. No beret and a slim chance of getting on a jumps course.

    Maybe they would just buy a maroon tshirt or something.
  7. "Contrast" is the right word because they are two very, very different activities requiring slightly different but nonetheless extreme levels of fitness and mental resilience.

    I hope this won't turn into a PCoy versus AACC with the usual crop of people who have done neither giving the benefit of their insight...or a description of tee-shirts alleging God is either PARA or RM!
  8. conventional wisdom for those seeking to go to 1 Para/SFSG and beyond is to do P Coy.
    Being taught how to cook again in the field as on AACC was described to me recently by one rifleman as "f*cking patronising sh1t" and a waste of time
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  11. So what? You bash through it all again on JCC/Cadre/Promotion courses, you stick your hand up for a course so get busy with the content..
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why not just join the Paras if you want to be infantry and jump out of planes?
  13. Maybe they attempted P- Coy in the hope of joining 1Para/SFSG? Which is classed as an attachment to The Parachute Regiment.
  15. aye, I never thought of that. In fact I didnt realise it worked like that either. Every day is a school day.