Early termination

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MontanaLUVchild, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Hello,
    I have recentyl left the armed forces to pursue another career, however i was allowed to leave early so i could work. I took all of my annual leave and my termination leave months before my actual termination date ( On JPA). Do the army still pay me as im officially still in the army ( On JPA), or do they stop paying me on the agreed early termination date ( On paper?)
  2. IIRC your pay stops on your termination date.

    This is not the same day, neccesarily, that handall your kit in.
  3. Thanks for your response. Im assuming your pay stops on your termination date on JPA. Even though im already out of the army and in work 2 months before my JPA termination date. ?????
  4. Its not rocket science you stupid tw@. Want something for nothing do you?
  5. Wow its nice to see there are civil people on here. Theres no need to be rude you ass, its a perfectly reasonable question. If your unit allow you to leave unoffically and you're still in the army on JPA, then its perfectly plausible to assume that you are still getting payed by the army. So if you need help removing your head from your ass, please do not hesitate to contact me!!
  6. TBF, your question was very misleading. There is a HUGE difference between gardening leave and early termination. Early termination can be applied for via JPA now, effectively cutting short your 12 month notice period allowing you to 'discharge' early for whatever reson you may have. If your local CoC let you use gardening leave to go work whilst still being on unit strength, that is NOT early termination.

    In answer to your question, you get paid until your 'discharge' date.
  7. Of course if this is a normal PVR and not an early termination then you would have been told all this during your resettlement process....

    If its an early termination you lose y our right to everything apart from starting your new job early.

    Bottom line is you are paid until your termination date whatever process you take
  8. Thanks for your response ery helpful
  9. how much annual leave did u take?
  10. I took all of it, i had 36 days.