Early termination "lost"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vampireuk, May 25, 2010.

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  1. Right, I've recently submitted my termination, well a couple of months back now. Shortly after my termination I found out I was due posting which was then cancelled as somebody with a brain cell realised there would be no point sending me elsewhere for a matter of months. Two months down the line my unit receives a notice informing them I had not arrived at my new unit, the posting I had cancelled through the CoC. To top this off I've now being informed that if I do indeed get sent off to this new unit I will now have to resubmit my termination from the current date. The CoC are currently trying to hammer some common sense back into records but I fear this is an impossible task. I've already being advised to submit a complaint to the service complaint commision, are there any other options I have I can take also. With regards to my termination date I am seriously considering contacting a lawyer.

    As it stands I'm currently waiting out for a phone call to find out if I am indeed getting packed off somewhere else, but I'd like to figure out what all my options are so I can try nail whoever lost my f*cking data to the wall.
  2. can data get 'lost' on JPA?
  3. Apparently it can now, my last record of it was when it was sat up at manning records, which is currently locked away in my workshop as it's now the only proof I have that I have submitted it.
  4. If you submitted your Notice To Terminate on JPA it would go via Workflow to your Line Manager and then to the CO, before the Termination Officer (APC). Your CO, or the person that actions his Workflow (RAWO?) would still be able to view your Notice To Terminate audit trail. All that they would need to do is go into JPA Self Service Employee, JPA Workflow Notifications and then choose View 'All Notifications'. When they go into your specific application it will show who the application went to and more importantly; what that person did with it (or not as the case may be).

    Hope this helps - good luck :eek:
  5. It's pretty much vanished from the system, nobody can seem to access it from within the battalion, my last sighting of it was dated the 7th of April when it was sat up with somebody from manning records in Glasgow and this is the print off we have as my proof it actually existed at some point.
  6. All quite odd :? As the CO should still have visibility of the audit trail, even if it were 'cancelled' by APC, but it would obviously mean that the CO (or the person that has access to his Workflow) would have to log on to check this (as highlighted previous). If this has already been checked and nothing is visible, then it's a new one on me............ 8O