Early tankies - Band of Brigands

Damn good book, however I suspect some might find it a tad heavy going. I wrote a review for Amazon which is below.

A very authoritative and well researched work. Truly a must read for members of the Regiment, as it doesn’t flinch away from some unpalatable truths. The various machinations and infighting of Whitehall are laid bare, in the development of the world’s first true armoured fighting vehicle, including the impediment of and encouragement of the new Corps from the most surprising of Wartime celebrities. Most importantly, it lets us see the thoughts the staff of the new corps and the pioneering officers and men who crewed these first wagons. Most, if not all of the angles seem to be covered.

This book should sit proudly next to BH Liddel Hart’s The Tanks, for although not as well written, time has undoubtedly allowed a different view to be articulated.

Interesting fact from the book; ‘Matilda’ meaning mighty in battle in old German. Not a comic duck or Hugh Elles’s mistress…....

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