Early resettlement courses

With ten years left I've now got one eye on life after the army, and am interested in getting as many practical courses under my belt as possible while I've still got a bit of time left.
I'm not signed up to the ELC scheme :x so I want to see how far my education allowance can stretch. I'd be interested to hear any stories or helpful hints from those chaps and chapettes who recently left, including any 'hidden gem' courses which are both cheap and of great value (I know they're out there).
Your timing is about right - I started my resettlement with about 8 years to go and I thought I was cutting it a bit fine. The best recommendation I ever got was to get a degree through the OU. This was the best thing I ever did. It was a long, 7- year, hard slog for an honours degree but I got there in the end. You can get a degree in 6 years which will leave you time to get a couple of post-grad quals under your belt.
I agree with Bonzo-I'm just about to finish an Hons Degree with the Open Uni but I'm squeezing it into 5 years and it's been a major struggle at times but it's doable-you just have to realise that you're going to have to make sacrifices along the way. But it's so so satisfying to do!

Saying that, I'll have completed it with 11 years service left to do and I'm probably going to end up doing a PGCE through the mob next year and I know once I do that, I'll probably end up doing a Masters.

At least you've realised that you need to start your resettlement prep's sooner rather than later. You should be starting it from as soon as you join and I deeply regret sitting on my arse and not bettering myself for the first 5 years I was in the mob.
Bash a nebosh course, not academically challenging, doesn't cost much and bears fruit on the outside. Not the most inspiring of career paths but the Ker-ching potential is fairly good
If I'm being honest I'm not too much of an academic. I left school with nothing, and to date in the army I've done Advanced Health and Safety and CLAIT Plus. I'm actually more interested in vocational courses, and am pursuing the avenue of Cabinet making/ furniture restoration, that sort of thing.

Having said all this I'll be looking at OU a bit later on. Can you get degrees without GCSE's/A levels?

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