Early Rellease

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nato_tato, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the score on early release. I'm signed off and now getting messed around by my unit.
    Would I still get any resettlement entitlement?
    Any advice welcome.
  2. From the day you sign off you have one year to serve. You say you're being messed around: its relatively simple as I understand it. You sign off, you're entitled to so many days resettlement (depending on time served?) and you're entitled to a proportion of your annual leave (depending on when in the leave year you happen to be leaving). Apart from that you're expected to be at work until your last day.

    Early release is occasionally granted by MCM Div as a cost saving and manpower liability saving measure. It was done last year and I believe the year before. It is driven by MCM Div and not by an individuals wish to be "out early because they have a job to go to".

    This should have been clearly laid out to you by your resettlement clerk. If you are having any dramas speak to your chain of command, though I suspect that if your case is literally "I want out early because I have a job to go to" you may be very disappointed.
  3. Unless your one of the Class2 Tech Cpls with no future. In that case you may find the CO himself will drop you off down town never mind the camp gates.

  4. I think you can apply for early release but you may have to forfeit your resettlement time. Also I think the CO may grant (or be able to apply for) early release if you have a confirmed job to go to which would not be held for you until your discharge date. See your resettlement clerk or ring the resettlement dept of the local AEC.
  5. Fair one the only reason i haven't retraded like the rest of weasels is cos it's what they want us to do

  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Start handing your kit in now. get your clearance certificate signed. Once it is full, put yourself on COs parade and get his sign off. You will probably find that no-one knows your actual release date. Once CO has shaken your mitt and said Well Done Sig Tw@t sorry you are leaving you are home and dry.

    Suggest you wait a few weeks from your sign off date!

    p.s. Legal disclaimer - Auld-Yin accepts no responsibility for any time spent in close arrest following this.
  7. Don't do it kid-
    Hero to Zero in 5 seconds!
    I was the same, "HANG ON IN THERE- UNLESSSSSS!!!! Dale Winton gives you this Saturdays results!
  8. Asw has been stated you get a proportional amount of time to do resettlement due to time served, The resettlement office should be able to help and advise on these situations.Or even the CTW's.
  9. Right then..........time to get on me soap box.............early release was something introduced to get the manning figures massaged before 1st of Apr this year............the forces manning levels had to be cut before this date and one way of getting the levels down was to get rid of all the pers who had signed off early.............don't expect any more early release until Blair wants an even smaller army to do his "I want to be remembered in history" thing (which he will be doing, before the rest of the Labour party work out that he is now a Lame Duck PM!).

    One thing that I do agree on......................You sign off..........It's 1 year before you're out..............YOU ARE STILL BEING PAID TO DO A FCUKING JOB!......SO GET ON WITH IT!

    Oh........and by the way........if you are one of those who signs off to draw attention to themselves..........please go and ensure that the RQMS's ammo account is wrong by one round. :evil: