Early release ??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_Incredible_Hulk, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Tiny bit of background first,

    I did 5 years before in RLC and have rejoined a year ago with the RAC, was enjoying it up until the point where my wife told me that she doesnt want to be married anymore and my mum died. I saw the CMO and said I dont want to be moved from MT as thats about the only stable thing in my life right now, but ive just been moved to a Sqn and am not the least bit amused about it. I want to be closer to my remaining family, not stuck in some poxy army camp 200 miles away. I am not staying in the army as the only reason I rejoined was for the pension, now the wife is leaving I am going to piss off abroad to my house and live and work their. I am spiralling rapidly down in to a state of depression and need to get out the army, I have no intentions on going on any tours, courses or anything. Just dont know what to do about it.

    Is their anyway of early release or paying or anything ??
  2. My family/life situation has quite alot to do with it I think !! My remaining family is far more important to me than the army, I have no enthusiasm for the army, especially after doing what I aasked them not to. I cant focus on work as I dont want to be their. I understand where your coming from though and appreciate the advice
  3. Dont do anything depressed, instead I would suggest seeing the UWO, explaining your case to him, go to the RMO and explain to him/her about your depression, perhaps a letter from the RMO may get you a posting closer to home and family.

    Do be rash, let all stations know ie UWO, RMO, MTO etc, get it recorded. Then is things in a couple of months dont pan out then ask SSAFA Padre etc.

    Best to let the system help you first, then try other avenues only after you have exhausted the CoC
  4. I don't like the hours I work and the weather is a bit crappy...maybe I should try some of the above advice to see if I can get a nice cushy number somewhere......Seriously I am sick to death of people playing the welfare card all the time just because they don't like the situation they are in. It really gripes my shite as I have been fcuked over more than once by the big green machine ( and simply got on with it, after all I volunteered)

    Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but I have had to cover for people on numerous occasions who have played the welfare card to avoid going on tours and exercises etc.....
  5. So you know all there is to know about this case and know he is 'playing the welfare card'? You've never had to cover for a genuine welfare case then? Your unit must be really crap if they've always picked you to cover for all the fake welfare cases - that you know are fake when they don't. Maybe if they put you in the welfare office everything would be fine as no one would get any welfare related assistance.

    Thankfully this is only the internet and you are not important.

  6. Ooooooh touchy aren't we, you played it once or twice yourself? I never onceclaimed to know all about his case I was merely commenting on my own experiances, Unfortunately where I was had a high number of people who were more than willing to play said welfare card (yes this has probably left me with a very blinkered view on the subject) I have never claimed to be the resident welfare expert which is why I just get on with it, and if an issue turns out to be a genuine case then so be it.

  7. And this isn't the NAAFI bar, so play nice! And I do side with TOP's here, someone is asking a question in a sensible forum, so is entitled to answers not a load of abuse because you have had issues with 'fake' welfare cases in the past. Hope you never have an issue in the future that requires input from your welfare chain.
  8. Apologies....i will take my head for a shite....
  9. Matey definitely see your UWO mate as you seem to be thinking on a couple of different fronts. See your posts and the bits I have highlighted as they are a contradiction in terms.
  10. Touchy? No, but abusing someone for having welfare issues (genuine or fake) based solely on your unit being unable to distinguish between genuine and fake (according to you) is neither helpful or clever.

    It has often been my job to sort out some parts of welfare cases, usually sent as medical cases rather than being dealt with at the appropriate level by the appropriate services. These things then get out of hand and become major problems for everyone when they could have been sorted earlier. What could have been fixed with something as simple as an inter squadron/battery posting ends up with a TU discharge/suicide attempt/on the front page of The Scum. Those who knew about the original problem then assume that the individual is bluffing it as (in their opinions) it was nothing they'd worry about and they should ' simply got on with it'.

    Everyone has a different set of experiences (as you have shown with your unit having a high proportion of bluffers) and everyone has a different breaking point.

    (of course if he turns out to be a bluffing cnut then I'll be one of the first to join in and abuse him, then you can say 'told you so'!)
  11. Ok, I am not sure what you have been PM, however, seems clear to me, if you have been down the welfare route and all has failed, and you still feel the same, and I am 100% for retention, however, when a soldier is unable to soldier, and all other methods and fixes have failed, I would suggest that your UWO submit an F Med 8 (Recommendation for Psych Evaluation) with a view to discharge on the grounds of tempramentaly unsuitable for further army service, the military psychs will issue an F Med 8 a with their recommendation (after examination), if you are that unhappy in my experience they will recommend discharge. An application is then made by the unit to DM(A) on AF B 130A whereby you will be issued with a discharge date, this is assuming that the Psych agree on examination.

    This carries no stigma on discharge and carries a release para of not required for further service, unlike SNLR, this carries no after shock for you when seeking alternative employment.

    Anyway, good luck with it all either way.