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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by REME-SGT-AC-TECH, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. I am after some advice i recently got offered a good job in my home town of derby with rolls royce starting in january. When i asked the RCMO about early release(as i havent signed off) i was told MCM div would allow early release but i would utimately need to speak to the OC as he would advise the CO on matter and have the final say. I asked the OC about the possibilty of early release to take the job and he told me in no uncertain terms that i had no chance because the regiment wouldnt be able to "suck up the gap for 9 months". I am obivisouly very disapointed by this as this is fantastic opportunity which i will most likely never get again. What are my options if any? Thanks in advance
  2. Refuse to soldier. Make sure you're in your civvies first though.
  3. You need to get this all down in writing, apply for a formal interview with the OC, he cannot be the decider on this, and may only give his recommendations to the CO, once you have that out of the way, you then need to approach the CO, with documentary proof of offer of employment etc, and the record of interview with the OC. Should the CO refuse the early release, then you will have to staff this up through the CoC to your desk in Glasgow, via the RCMO. This is the way we used to work it and I cannot see much changing, good luck.
  4. Your OC sounds like a great bloke...........

    I would pay a solicitor to write to your CO and formally request your early release in writing. The solicitor doesn't necessarily have to have a great legal argument, he/she just needs to craft words carefully IOT give that impression. The letter shouldn't set you back too much.

    I doubt many CO's would want to get embroiled in an avoidable legal argument - and the fact that you have shown you are already looking at things through legal channels will usually make them see sense.

    Good luck.
  5. BoS applied for (and got) early release to take up a plum role with the Olympics. Might be worth dropping him a PM???
  6. im in a similar position. been offered a great job where i live but im on return of service for a 5month course i did 2yrs ago. my line manager and oc and co have all agreed it but glasgow have refused my application for termination!!! what do i do?? this job is also a once in a life time and they have such a small team that the chances of another job coming up soon is unlikely??!!! do i have a case?

    advice please!
  7. My advice would be to post multiple threads on Arrse asking what you should do.
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  8. I'm letting you off tonight because you claim to be a girl.

    PM THE_IRON, and don't send any of these lot photos of yourself.
  9. Just go.
  10. i intend to post this on every thread until i get a reasonable answer!
  11. Stereotypical response from a female.
  12. Nice to meet you, it's a shame your stay will be so brief!
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  13. Ask your RCMO.

    Bye now.
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