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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by coops5947, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. ok guys im in my last 5 months due to go on terminal leave in dec/jan time i have just had a job offer that will not wait if i pass up then i will definatly never get this oppotunitee again.

    i am asking for early release and need to be in a position to start work on the morning of the 8th
    of november (2 weeks TOMOZ)
    MY co willl sign but i was told glasgow may sit on this does anyone know the turn around and will this be

    please only post sensible answers (no gay jokes ect i dont have time to read crap)
  2. I believe, with your CO's permission, you can start other employment during your last 6 months (need to check this with your Admin staff though). You will however get clobbered by the tax man and will need to keep in contact with them so you can inform them once totally finished with the army so they can adjust your tax code.
  3. One month working for a civie firm is definetly allowed as that is exactly what I did.

    And yes it does hurt come tax paying time. But haveing 2 wages + pension + lumpsum hit the bank in the same month took some of the sting off it.

    Not sure about 6 months though the OP needs to check on that one.
  4. Work back from your ROD 28 days. Then work back any annual leave you have left. That will give you the date you can take up a new job. have you done more than 6 years? If so you have another 4 weeks of resettlement time (unless you have used it already). With that, you can apply for a work placement fronm the army and be in your new post even earlier - all without applying for early release.
  5. What was mentioned to us on the resettlement interview was that you could work two jobs but you do get hammered by the tax man however you could take the job and offer your services for free which means your in, cheap, and not handing over extra cash to the gubment!
    Then look forward to a massive Xmas "bonus" ahem, if you know what I mean.
  6. The tax sting is inevitable to be honest. I didn't work 2 jobs but a year to the day I left the mob I got stung with a £750 tax bill. This was due getting tax relief on both my wage and my pension. This was explained to me when I started my resettlement so I was forewarned. What really was the kick in the balls is that the letter arrived the day after I got made redundant. The money will be taken off me in the next tax year from my pension, cheers *****. On a brighter note I now work out of the country and it's tax free wages so they can suck my hairy ginger spuds.
  7. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    One of our lads did that with his 'leccy skills he got on resettlement. Said to the firm that was offering him the job; "I'll work for free, I'm being paid by the army already."

    They took him on, loved him because A: He was free B: He was very good

    His time with the army ran out, he switched to them, they started paying him and gave him a 'bonus' sum for the months he'd done for free.

    Everyone wins except the taxman. :D
  8. Is there an official amount of time you can get away early for NON PAID employment as I have been offered a job with a non profit making charity who pay "Expenses" but not wages but still have 12 months to push officially. I have been told its down to CO but not sure if there was an official line.