Early release & resettlement

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Fallschirmjager, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. I know I can find out from work Monday morning but..........

    If you apply for early release are you still entitled to resettlement? I'm looking at signing off at the end of the month but want to be out by Aug/Sept if possible. I've already done my 22 years and am now on VEng.

  2. Fally,

    You are in the same situation I was. I signed off in Oct 2010 (I was also on VEng and within 6 months of my 22 year point) and looked into the possibility of early release. Both my unit and career manager at MCM Div were happy but it was explained to me that if I chose to exercise the option then I could potentially lose my IRTC grant, my GRT time and terminal leave. I'm not sure what would happen though if you applied for early release having already used your IRTC grant and GRT. I was also advised that I could only apply if I had a firm job offer or a guaranteed place on a uni course.

    Good luck

  3. Cheers mucker.
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  7. Grab your resettlement before you apply, as early terminations have been known to lose their resettlement and terminal leave as a consequence.
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  9. You lose resettlement if your application for early release is accepted. The best thing to do is smash out resettlement then apply.
  10. That's what I'll do mucker. Cheers.
  11. What you looking at doing? I've been to the job fayre and am pretty much decided, you?
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  13. No, fucko. I was actually trying to be helpful for once, using the bollocks knowledge I have earned over the last few years.

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  14. I'm sure you are still technically entitled as you have done your time to qualify for it. The problem is actually getting it, as by asking for early release then starting resettlement activities you are effectively putting in your request then saying 'See ya'! It will probably depend on whether your current post can be gapped or filled at short notice.

    It's a similar problem for those who get 2 years VEng but then sign off and need to do resettlement in 1 year instead of 2.

    I wish you all the best and hope you get to use every one of your GRT days and warrants.

    Edited to add: Just re-read your OP, that's both your situations then! Double good luck! :)

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