Early Release On offer of employment.

Alf_Garnet_Commando said:
I know this has been asked before but am having trouble tracking it down on the search function.

How early can you be released on an offer of employment having signed off????
How long is a piece of string?

The official position is that you will be released on your Run Out Date - and not before. However, the arrangement you make with your OC is up to you and will depend on your personal circumstances and the unit's commitments.

If you have completed 12 to 22 years of service - pretty flexible. If you have not completed 4 years - less so!

First, prepare your plan. How much leave do you have? How many days of resettlement training can you take? When is your RoD? Then work back factoring in all the answers and you will have a date.

Look at the unit's training programme. Can you be released from the programme? What is the job offer and when?

Then talk to your OC with your plan in front of you. And be nice to him/her.......

I remember seeing a particular paragraph in QRs referring to early release on offer of employment. I will try and dig it out now. I do appreciate that its all at OC/COs discretion
Go to your Admin Office and get them to pull out their Queens Regulations Chapter 9, Paragraph 9.425. This explains the regulations on Premature Release for Civilian Employment. One of the basic principles is that you must have completed at least 9 years Reckonable Service.

Hope this helps :D
have to make sure first that nothing affects your pension though
You can be released up to three months before your normal discharge date as long as you have a firm job offer and will have served at least 21 yrs 9 mths pensionable - this will not effect your pension etc - Pensions warrant 1977 article 146 - also see QRs para 9.400 g (below). However, I have never come across a unit/CO that would make you go through this procedure - loads of people leaving get jobs well before their term leave all that is required is the COs permission!!


g. Applications from soldiers who wish to obtain the concession permitted by the Army Pensions Warrant 1977, Article 146, for discharge on completion of at least 21 years 9 months reckonable service for pension are to be submitted under this paragraph. All such applications, supported by evidence from the prospective employer that the employment offered cannot be kept open until the soldier's due date for discharge, must be referred to the Ministry of Defence (DM(A)) through the appropriate Divisional Colonel Manning and Career Management concerned.
Dont know if it'll help but when I left in 1999 I done my resettlement and got the offer of a job I got the employer to put it in writing ect offering me the job on the condidtion that I could start right away. I came back and spoke to my MTWO who ok'd it and spoke to the MTO who let me go thanks to the glowing report the MTWO had put in about me to the boss. I got away 6 weeks early and had saved all my leave up so finished early July instead of the end of Aug and had 2 wages until my termination date in the Oct :wink:. At the end of the day it will boil down to if you've been seen in a good light and if your unit can afford to release you early best of luck

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