Early Release From The Service (Army)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jakeCPU, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. Are you on a "Notice Engagement - Open" or the "Open Engagement"?

    If you are on a Notice Engagement you may have retained your right to PVR. Go to the RAO and ask about your situation. If you are on an Open Engagement, its very likely that you will have to serve out your years notice. Some of the guys you have seen leave with only 30 days notice may well have had the right to PVR, however there are ways for the Commanding Officer to grant your early discharge. It would probably depend on your proving that you have civilian employment to go into and you have housing etc sorted.

  2. Jake, I am in an identical situation to you. As it happens, as much as I'm ready to leave now, I don't intend to push my luck as I wouldn't want to be denied my resettlement grant (just over £8000). Also, you may just find that the next 12 months flies by, especially if you still have to arrange a job and a house. I can't advise you about your circumstances, but I intend to stick out the 12 months, use the time to my advantage, get some cash together, buy a house etc. Any worthwhile civilian employer will still be there in 12 months' time. Another advantage I have found is that I have asked my prospective employer if there are any further quals he would like me to have when I arrive. I will now spend the next 12 months gaining that qualification (paid for by the Army of course), so that I will be even more employable when I join them. Do you have any idea which line of work you'll be getting into? Whichever it is, good luck.
  3. I am on Open Engagement.
    Wise words and I take it in especially with the view to getting the half pension and resettlement grant.
    I had taken the above into consideration, however any Financial looses would be regained in a relatively short period.
    I was only curious to see, as my perspective employes have to bid for contracts etc......and In order to be in with a chance I have got to be ready, its just picking the right time I suppose.

    Its going to be a long 12 months...lol
  4. JakeCPU,

    I strongly recommend taking your OC into your confidence. He/she will need some time to sound out MCM Div, and some notice to get the paperwork right. Yes, you can leave quickly - within 30 days - but the needs of the Service come first.... and I recommend that you read that bit again! The worst case will be that you sign off and have to wait one year. However, your normal leave and resettlement time then kick in, which they would not do if you applied to leave in 30 days! Having said that, if you satisfied my questions about where you plan to live, your job prospects and how you will look after your family, I would not stand in your way! I would also expect you to tell me about your resettlement entitlements (if any) and how much pension you are foregoing.

    The reason I ask those questions is to satisfy myself that you have adequately researched the next phase of your life. Just remember that your friendly contractor will only employ you whilst he is making money on that contract! You need a Plan B.

    Good luck with the plan. I would be right behind you if it wasn't for the pension trap!