Early release from prison

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23406978-details/The+thug+who+beat+PC+with+baseball+bat+walked+free+from+prison+within+weeks/article.do

    The thug who beat PC with baseball bat walked free from prison within weeks
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    Family trauma: PC Gary Campion
    A policeman beaten senseless in front of his children has voiced his outrage after one of the thugs responsible walked free just weeks into his sentence.

    PC Gary Campion called the Government's early release scheme, designed to solve prison overcrowding, "disgusting".

    He said the justice system had delivered "a slap in the face" by allowing Kenny Thomas to have his sentenced reduced.

    Thomas, 19, is one of 2,000 inmates to walk free - with a £172 payment for the loss of "bed and board" - before reaching even the halfway stage of their jail term in the past month.

    The desperate policy has yet to solve the crisis, with prison numbers rising sharply to 80,319. Almost 80 inmates are being held in police cells because there is no room in jail.

    PC Campion, 37, was battered by a baseball-bat wielding gang in December last year while off duty in a doctor's surgery with his wife and two young children, waiting for a check-up for his three-year-old son.

    The yobs spilled into Great Hollands Medical Centre, near Bracknell, Berkshire, after a fracas in the street.

    The officer, who has been with Thames Valley Police for 11 years, was hit four times with the metal bat after trying to intervene, suffering a broken nose, bruised eye and bruising.

    He was off work for almost a month, lost his short-term memory and was put on sleeping tablets. His five-year-old daughter has been left terrified of teenagers.

    Thomas, who was 18 and on bail for shoplifting at the time of the offence, was sentenced to 15 months in a young offenders institute at the end of June for actual bodily harm.

    Because of time spent on remand, the halfway point in his sentence - when he was eligible for release - was set for the middle of this month.

    But last week, PC Campion received a call from the probation service to say the thug would be freed 18 days early.

    He was released from Onley Prison last Friday, despite the intervention of local Tory MP Andrew Mackay and PC Campion's protests.

    The police officer said: "It feels like a massive kick in the teeth. Being a police officer I always believed in the rule of law and that criminals should get what they deserve. But this has proved me completely wrong.

    "People can get longer sentences than this for shoplifting. It feels like whoever made the decision to let criminals out early is completely out of touch with what everyday people expect of justice.

    "Kenny Thomas will just think there has been no consequence to what he has done. He is now able to live his life as normal but me and my family are still living with what he did."

    Tory justice spokesman Nick Herbert said the case was "appalling".

    "Releasing criminals early seriously undermines public trust in the penal system but does nothing to address the long term problem that the Government has failed to ensure adequate prison capacity."

    Thomas is one of 2,000 criminals released up to 18 days before their sentence reached the halfway point under the End of Custody Licence scheme, enacted once the prison population hit 81,000.

    Prison insiders fear that unless the population falls during August when the number of sitting courts is reduced, cells may once again be close to bursting by the autumn.

    A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "All prisoners released would have to have been released anyway in a maximum of 18 days' time. It is for this reason that ECL operates according to precise fixed criteria."

    why on earth won't the government build more prisons? The UK is becoming ridiculous - people want criminals locked up not given handouts after only a few weeks inside. The government are treating the public with complete contempt
  2. "Think we need more old fashioned methods of dealing with the yobs and chav's."
    e.g. 100m point...targets will scream when hit
  3. The cnut should've been lashed to a grating and been flogged. How many more people are going to be injured or killed before those that 'know better' realise that their ways of doing things are not only flawed but morally repugnant to every law-abiding subject.
  4. Scum is what they are, and as such should they be treated.
    Reserve Human Rights for those who behave as humans should.
  5. It's a matter of personal opinion whether you believe prison should be a means to punish, deter or rehabilitate. What isn't personal opinion is that if someone is a serious threat to society (e.g. someone who would take a baseball bat to someone without a VERY good reason), then they should be kept well away from society.
  6. Unfortunately scum like him have rights nowadays as they have to be "understood"

    ... shouldn't scream if you your zeroed your weapon - they could perhaps be used in a "live" version of falling plates :twisted:

    ... hope you liked the vodka Poppy :)
  7. Put them in robes and headdress, shove them in a FIBUA village and add a whole new level of training with live ammunition.
    Tw@s like tha shouldn' be able to walk the streets.
    What was that about giving them a £172 payout when they leave as well? Am I truly the only one who thinks this is stupid or have the lunatics taken over the asylum?
    At least we know that the money will pay for some really good class A drugs and a couple of packs of Tennents Super Tramps Special.

    But I bet there are plenty of little old ladies still in their cells for not paying their council tax.
  8. What gets me is, you constantly hear the Police and Government warning us about taking matters into our own hands, Why?? Because the government is terrified that if they let someone away with sorting out some of these scum everyone would be at it. People like this off duty Policeman who intervene (courageously i might add) to apprehend these villains, always seem to end up being the victims while the scum get away with a pat on the back. If it was one of the general public, they would more than likely end up with a heavy fine or a jail sentence (of which i'm no doubt they would serve to the full) just to ensure noone else gets the same idea.

    MMM wonder why that is??

    Probably because when we've finished sorting the scum out, they know they'd be next.
  9. This is silly - if there are not enough spaces, then build more prisons! Not enought money, then stop foreign aid - after all foreign aid has doubled since 1997! Not quantum physics.

    This scenario reminds me of the nationwide building society ad on telly...too many customers having to queue at its branches. Soln = close the branches so no one has to wait! :)

    And none of that PFI bollocks either.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    So who would you rather have move in next to you on release? Someone brutalised by a prison system which is a college of crime, or someone who has been given the chance to turn things around?

    Yes, however, there are more good people who have made bad decisions than there are bad people who have made bad decisions.

  11. There is a third option: a person so terrified of going back into prison he will commit suicide before committing another crime.

    Prison should be so brutal it makes the Death Penality look positively mericful. I don't want criminals rehabilitated. I want them BROKEN.
  12. You need to bear in mind that by the time most persistent crims. start their first jail term, they will have been through a whole series of non-custodial schemes that have failed to rehabilitate them. 60% of them will go on to reoffend after release from prison.

    Some criminals simply can't be rehabilitated and they will continue to commit crime unless they are locked up. Junkies are a good example. A small number can be weaned off drugs but most cant. When they are released from prison they revert to being stealing machines, robbing people and shoplifting to feed their habit.

    Most crime in the UK is committed by about 100,000 persistent criminals. In America, such people are dealt with by the so-called 'three strikes' rules that mandate whole life sentences for repeat offenders. Banging our crims. up for most of their lives would cost about 3 billion quid a year but would save ten times as much due to the drastic reduction in crime levels.

    I recommend a book called 'A Land Fit for Criminals' by David Fraser for anybody who is interested. He is a retired probation officer and his book paints a horrifying picture of our criminal justice system. His describes the attitude within the system as being that crime is like a disease and poor people catch it because they are oppressed by the evil middle classes. (Car got trashed sir? It's your own fault for driving a Merc isn't it?)

    Most worryingly, Fraser points out that the policies being implemented now have all been tried before. Non-custodial sentences, decriminalisation of drugs and generous parole were all tried in America in the 1970s. These policies turned places like New York into war zones.
  13. But what about the bad people who make (in their opinion) good decisions?
    I am interested where you get your data from too? Or is it just a saying?
  14. As opposed to killing someone else to avoid going back to prison?