Early release. Does it exist?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Two_Domes, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question about early release (no premature ejaculation jokes please!)

    I've got a friend thats been offered a good job on the outside. Not particularily well paid, but lots of job satisfaction and bonuses. Hes very keen to get out early to make sure he gets the job.

    So, how does the early release scheme work? The way I was led to believe it was that if the OC agrees that the job is worthwhile and in keeping with the individuals status then early release can be granted. For instance, if a Sgt got out he/ she would need broadly equivalent pay etc to maintain their lifestyle.

    Is this correct? Can anyone shed any more light on this?

  2. Yep, outside of the normal discharge process, Glasgow hold boards for such things (3 per year), not down to your OC or CO, however, in my experience, they will only consider jobs that contribute to the public sector, i.e the police, the Fire Bde, Civil Service etc, however, the list is not exhaustive (real bad spelling, however, I cant be arsed to change it).

    Give it a go, what have you got to lose, esspecially if your C of C supports it.

    Who Knows what Glasgow will say.
  3. I asked my RCMO about this just the other day, and as given two ways to go about it, one official, and one not quite so..

    Official way, first, get a job offer in writing. Then, write a letter to your OC, basically asking for early release, to start work on a given date, or to be released on a given date. Include acknowledgments of the fact that you will lose out on any leave that you may have left, and that your pay will be stopped from your last day of service etc.

    Send both the letter/offer from your potential employer and your letter to your OC (probably best hand delivered, to make sure he gets it). If he agrees to let you go, after considering the effect losing you will have in his Sqn/Coy work load. He will forward the lot to the RCMO, who will also look at it and decide wether or not it should be processed. Then it gets sent to Glasgow or wherever it is now, where it will be decided at the highest formation as to wether you can be released or not.

    The second way is a bit more dodgy, in that you will still be 'on duty' as it were, and it may not be strictly legit..

    If you've only a few months left, and still have a shed load of resettlement and annual leave left, have a quiet word with your troop admin and arrange for all your leave to be taken in one block, with a few buckshee days thrown in too.

    Either way, it'll be easier with a few months left rather than say, a few days after signing off.

    That said, from my place we've had two guys granted early release in the last year or so, one went 6 months early I believe, and the other went 8 months early to start an apprenticeship with Volvo penta or something like that.
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  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Take a breathe D_D and relax
    Now back on topic
    Lad I work with handed in his written job offer on Friday Morning to his boss
    Following Friday cleared camp and handed in his ID Card
    Mind he was RAF but was in Aldergrove so it does happen
  7. DM (A) can make the decision, not Glasgow - as long as the unit is willing to stand the gap (until that individual would normally be replaced) and the individual is willing to forfeit all his termination/resettlement then sometimes an arrangement can be met.

    In my experience, however, the soldier must have a compelling case ie firm job offer in writing, or the fact that he/she is an oxygen thief and the unit would be better off in their absence.

  8. I got early release in 2006. I was out within a month of being offered a job.
  9. One of my lads got out 5.5 months after signing off as he had a job offer. It was done solely through MCM Div (REME) and the unit. The job offer in question was security at an oil production facility in the far east so no UK public sector relationship there, no involvement from DM(A) that I was aware of either. All done with a job offer letter to the OC and a few phone calls and e-mails to good old aunty MCM.
  10. early realease is possible. There are no boards involved to my knowledge. Ask for a OCs interview, and crack on from there.

    It helps if you have a specific date in mind. ie start date for a job or course (ie Uni place).
  11. News just in:

    Another one of our lot has just had his early release authorised (I know, I know, what the hell are we doing to the poor little lambs?). It was a case of a letter to the OC who then added to it to MCM Div, they then comment and forward the whole package on to DM(A) for the final decision. So I was in error in poo-pooing the DM(A) bit and I apologise as they are indeed involved. All eltters based at the unit end though, no daft forms to fill in, cant comment on the vaguearies of JPA but I seem to remember you need to do that bit as well?

    Job done.