Early Release at end of 22 years (3 months early)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cakenarse, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. i am approaching the end of my 22 years and have permission refused by my chain of command to let me carry out work placement for my resettlement at my current location for the civi firm in place here. As a result i intend to use the option to finish my career 3 months early as i have a writen job offer from this civi firm that works on site. My question is can the chain of command do anything to stop me leaving early (does state in QR's that i can leave 3 months early).
  2. Would this prevent you from picking up an immediate pension?

    If it is a firm that is on site (I assume you mean on barracks) can they not wait another3 months for you. If you explain to them that the Army wont let you go.

    Have you got any leave that you could take, so taht you could start your new job?
  3. This option does not affect my pension, the employer is very keen to get me on board asap, yes i have full leave entitlement and resettlement left to take but that is the issue, my chain of command will not let me take work placement while on leave and resettlement.
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    Can I ask why with only I assume just over 3 months left, what possible use can you be? That’s not a dig, but your focus is 100% on getting out not your employment.

    I can never understand why they do this, from experience it’s usually an AGC thing (where they are thin on the ground)

    Don’t know the answer, but good luck anyway.

  5. The firm can take you on full-time and paid from the day you start terminal leave (discharge date minus 28 days). You can also work for them during annual leave as long as the CO gives permission. If you've got a full leave card, that means you could be in paid employment 10 weeks before your discharge date.

    There is no such thing as a work placement for resettlement but you can do an unpaid work attachment. The unit can refuse to release you but will have to have very good reasons for doing so (you put in a request for a deferral of discharge: the CO has to explain his or her reasons to APC - may not a good career move).

    Contact your education centre to get more advice.
  6. I know plenty who have done ther 7 weeks GRT as a civilan work attachment with the firm they are eventually going to work for (as you rightly say unpaid), and then receive a golden hello from the firm on their first official day at work (start of terminal leave), which spookily equates to 7 weeks pay!! Funny that
  7. My chain of command has refuse me permission to work unpaid for my future employer on my resettlement . I have now put in the relevent paperwork to finish my career after 21 years and 9 month as i have a job offer in writing but this offer will not be held open to my release date. Can my imidiate Chain of command stop me from leaving to take this job.
  8. ...then...

    Is the new job worth THAT much?
  9. Don't know your full circumstances but I have never come across someone who has been refused to be 'released' early to take up employment. It appears that they are deliberately preventing your smooth transition to civvy street, what is the point in that? I thought the days of bad management of our troops were at an end.

    It would be interesting to see how this turns out
  10. Oh you poor misguided fool! If anything its getting worse!

    As for the CoC stopping your early discharge - its an APC/DMA decsision - but you arent in the chain once the paperowrk is in - your CoC ARE! I'm not syaing they would/should/could influence the descison, but they are in a better place to do so than you!

    Sounds to me like someone somewhere is upset with you for some reason - c'mon, spill the beans - is it the Padre's daughter thing again?
  11. Ive not upset anyone, just had permission refused to work on my resettlement leave and annual leave for my future employer on camp (unpaid) so as per Queens Regs i have requested early release at my 21 year and 9 month point, its just in case my CoC try to stop it i need to know where i stand and if they can stop it.
  12. Cakenarse,

    I have tried (unsuccessfully) to find the bit in QR's about leaving the Service early, could you point me (and other interested parties) in the right direction.


  13. Can you not get permission to work for the company as a resettlement course as part of your career transition, claim expenses as part of your resettlement grant?
  14. Put in a MOD F363T and in the box marked:

    Part 2 - Training Activity Description

    you need to write Civilian Work Attachment
    and then fill in the boxes a. b. & c. with the relevant information

    Send that to your CTP consultant to sign off, then take it to your IERO to sign. Its resettlement, as long as you have those days worth of GRT available then your unit will need to justify to the IERO and his chain of command why they arent letting you go.

    You will also need to fill in a MOD F1746, which is a Form of Agreement For Civilian Work Attachment Or External Training For A Member Of The Armed Forces, send it to the firm (faxed replies are acceptable) to get them to stamp and sign it. You need to hand this form to your IERO at the same time as you give him the 363T.

    Obviousley you arent paid for this time (although you can claim the allowances you are entitled to for resettlement) by the company but once you are in your Terminal Leave you can be.

    Any dramas or need more info then drop me a PM.
  15. i have now terminated 3 months early as per QR's chap 9 para 9.400, my CO said no to me having a civilian work attachment with my new employer who is the contractor on camp as he said it was a conflict of intrest. i was in a position where i monitor part of the contract on camp, my new employer is the same contractor. As my CO said no i terminated 3 months early, does not effect my lump sum but does effect my pension to the massive ammount of £6.50 a month. by terminating 3 months early and being entitled to all the normal terminal leave and unused resettlement i finished work 3 weeks ago, so my CO lost me 3 months early any way so some what shot himself in the foot as i was in a stand alone job and my replacement is not in till sept. also been offered a job in kandahar air base for 10k a month so mulling that one over as well.