Early proposal for a charity motorbike ride.

Hello all.

As you can see,I have just joined the forum.

I have spent the last six months doing a solo trans-Australia motorcycle ride,did just about everywhere that you can reach by bike except when the worse than normal floods cut off various tracks of the country for weeks at a go....all in all did just under 35,000km.

I am back in the UK now resting up and awaiting for my bike to be rebuilt and I am starting to get itchy feet yet again.

I intend to do one of two things......depending on how my savings hold out and how much sponsership for the bike I can get.

1) Travel every state of America and Canada.


2) Travel the whole of Europe ranging from Norway/Sweden/Finland down to Turkey and every country in between ( maybe North Africa if possible )

I am going to do one of these trips regardless,But I am thinking about doing this as a charity ride to give it some meaning and to benefit others as well as it being a personal goal.

Just two questions I have of the forum if you do not mind....

1) Which Force's Charity should I represent....I know Help For Heroes is amazing, but should I associate with this or another Force's Charity that is being overshadowed.......forgive the expression please,no offence intended.

2) Which trip would the forum reckon would inspire people to donate to.....All the North American States?


Some form of visiting as many war memorials around Europe/Turkey etc as I can.....and suggestions of areas would be much appreciated.

This will not happen for a while yet, I have to chase up a lot of motorcycle support as I can due to the very large distance's involved on either trip and various other sponsers to try and interest for some equipment.

But please give me some of your wisdom or advice as it will be most appreciated.


If it is not against the forum rules, I will post a link to my Australia Trip report from the UKGSER's ( BMW GS owners club ) later on,so you can see the kind of stuff I intend.

Andy Smith ( ex-Royal Engineer Crane OP )

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