Early posting?

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  1. :? Just a short simple question I'm hoping can be answered.....
    Regarding postings, is it possible while in post to apply for an early posting? I know you can extend so wondering if you can do the opposite? Many thanks
  2. Yep, I believe you can be looked at after 6 months in post, all depends on your MCM Div
  3. yep after 6 months put in a pref posting form to mcm div, or if its a admin or family problem then see OC/padre/family officer
  4. Cheers for replies.. we are currently being told to preferentials in already, i'm at least 2 years from being posted again... is there a special way to put in for an early posting?
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  6. You would have to justify an application for either an early posting or a delayed posting. Talk to your Troopie or visit the RCMO/Welfare Officer and discuss it with them. The RCMO will then talk to MCM Div.

    Alternatively, apply for every op tour going! More than enough to go round....

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  8. Annex F to AGAI 67 - all you ever wanted to know about premature removal from post.