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OK Im 18 months into a 4 year teeth arms posting (lcpl) done an op tour in that time. Now pretty desperate to get posted, Dont care where or how shit a place i go is just want to get outa here asap.
After speaking to my RCMO he said he has no controll over putting PPP's in and i should just put a PPP on jpa and wait for my a posting order. This sounds to me like a fob off?
So is there anything i can do to get a posting was thinking about phoning desk officer but not sure and advice would be great thanks
Put a PPP in paper form in through the chain of command as well as on JPA. If it is an admin or welfare issue then speak to the Welfare Officer, if it is simply a case of you not liking the posting then you will no doubt be spending the remainder of your posting in situ as a unhappy bunny.

4 years seems like a long time to be in a teeth arm unit, all you can hope is that you get promoted soon and moved to another posting.
I had the same drama a few years back. Get a PPP banged in on JPA, to be honest in my experience if you don't have a welfare or other issue other than "i don't like it" you probably won't get too far. Can always try the welfare chain, mine was very helpful. Option B - get some courses under your belt, skillies, drill, P-Coy or Black serpent (if they are still going), it will either make the time go quicker or give you a better shot of being moved somewhere early. Option C - the nuclear option, sign off! It's worked for people who wanted moving in the past, but with the shrinking of the army these days probably find your CoC will just smile and wave you out the door!
Be prepared for the old "wait out" though!


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If you sign off and are not in a pinchpoint trade, you WILL be out the door. Gone are the days of blackmailing APC into giving you a gucci posting.

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