early posting... how does it work

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. pretty much what it says on the tin.

    how does an early posting work for a 3 year posting. iv asked about and no-one knows

    the theorys so far are: a year and a half minimum /anytime you want pending oc interview/"snowball in hells chance". (2-3 are quite likely and almost the same!)

    like a knob i extended from a years posting to a 3 year posting with 3 hours decision making time... i feel like i have now rushed my decision for the wrong reasons. but retracting my initial extention will make me look like a bell end to the CoC
  2. i am sure that you have to be in post for a minimum of 6months before you can apply for an early posting, but dont quote me on that!! i too am trying to get an early posting. i am 2 yrs into this one and it is complete pump, but you cant put that down as a reason!
  3. You can apply for early posting any time you want.

    It will not always be granted and the applicant usually has to have a good reason for the application. This is then considered against the needs of the army, corps etc.

    To apply you submit a ppp with a request for an OCs interview through your CoC.
  4. When I've tried in the past I've found that R Sigs Morale Counter Measures at Glasgow set about a year as a minimum. This doesn't seem to be written down anywhere, just a bit of an internal yardstick so that they aren't overwhelmed with posting apps.

    That said, as COMMSRUS says, you can apply to move early anytime you want. Things that might help your case:

    Develop a welfare issue. Obviously you aren't going to make one up :) !, but its a matter of fact. Get the AWS involved and get a decent letter off them and hey presto - posting as soon as they can find you a slot.

    In case you don't have a granny on her deathbed, another exit strategy is to apply for one of the vacancies that the unit G1 weenies periodically get sent via signal: R Sigs recruiting team etc or any of the specialist units, white helmets, 264 etc.

    If neither of the above suit, the only way out is stick the PPP in as COMMSRUS suggests, and then work up your story for the chain of command. A lot of it will be down to whether they want to keep you or not, if you are in a key post or they are short of bods in your trade, you might be a bit stuffed. If you can come up with a decent sales pitch (have changed mind, keen to broaden career experience, very keen to work in armour/cormorant/trg unit etc etc BS BS) and providing your G1 chain aren't complete gits, you should be in with a good chance.
  5. Well done you fcuking cnut!

    Advising people to do stuff like that is just what the Corps needs.

    Please feel free to go and help the QM have one less 5.56 round to account for.
  6. Whilst biting the bullet and counting the days, you could try making the most out of your tour (career courses, education, social, adv trg etc).

    If you genuinely have a gripe that your career is being adversely effected by your current position - such as same unit for multiple tours - lack of variety / diversity then you may have a case for an early posting.

    Be careful not to whinge in the wrong circles - go through the correct process, start with your RCMO and ask advice.

    In my experience (and I did get short-toured for one of the above reasons on request), you should have at least one CR in your current post before even entertaining the notion.
  7. You can apply for an early posting whenever you want, however it won't neccesary be granted.

    It also depends on whether your CofC will allow you to go and if your LSN can be filled and what your reasons are for wanting a posting.

    You can't be missing Georges bar already EWK, 212 is not what it used to be now that the armour has gone! :(
  8. Ok so, remember as of, what 2 years ago or was it last year.

    As per the MCM brief...

    This I think would be an honest approach to you application to get an early posting as you think it will be better for your long term career.

    (Not to sure how you could prove that the MCM arrse said this but they did)

    So you could I suppose get a civi lawyer to take them to court for not complying with what they stated to the Corps on many briefings.

    All ARRSE of course.
  9. I managed to get one out of Blandford :D :D :D , saved a whloe year from that sh1thole. just asked for OC interview, concocted what he seemed to be a very plausable situation and got the fcuk out of there. so it can work, as i am living proof.

    not sure i would have living if i had stayed though!!!!!!!!
  10. You will learn from experience, the less time someone gives you to make a decision the more crap the offer usually is..... please bare this in mind guys the next time you are offered anything on the spot. !!!!
  11. Easy-wan , Cant believe i'm hearing this from you :( theres me stuck here with armour and far too much drinking ! Three wee letters P P P . They will let you go - See you soon. :lol:
  12. HA HA HA HA HA Nice one Easy, grass not greener on the other side then, that'll learn ya!! Oh and we're getting the armour back in a couple of weeks cos the General thinks that 211 are a bunch of useless fcuk heads that couldn't organise piss. HA HA. See you real soon Easy ya ball bag!!!
    PM me so i can fill you in on all the gossip
  13. im actually quite worried about how many people know who i am on here! whats even more worrying is i dont know who they are!

    time for a new identity methinks!