Early night in from a night out where I planned to be drunk

Any one else experience this problem? Or is it just me?

There I am, plan to hang one on (as if it were the Army vs Navy at Twickenham) and I get blown out. Anyone else sat in the same position?
alas although home alone i have consumed the guts of 1.5 bottles of wine so am sitting in similar situation.
I hate it when that happens! Especially if you get yourself warmed up with some nifty home-made cocktails before going to the first RV, because then you are so far along the road to ruin that turning back is like..well it's like asking a woman for directions when lost! So you go home and there is bugger all on the telly, the beer from the fridge tastes..wrong somehow even though it is a specially chosen, much loved old friend, like Pedigree or Abbot ale. You haven't even drunk enough to want unsuitable foodstuffs like kebabs, vindaloos or pizza with pineapple (FFS!) on it...

It's worse if it happens on Friday though because it can throw your confidence off for Saturday too... :twisted: :roll: :twisted: :roll:

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