Early exposure to pornography

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. I'm wondering why so many servicemen and ex servicemen are deviants of the highest order and wondered if it was the early exposure to hardcore German pornography.

    Instead of flicking through club, Razzle, Knave and other top shelf delights as a 16 year old Junior leader I was reading, Sex anal, Rodox, color Climax, fist special and P1ss on yoru sister (watersports edition) and seeing if I could spray over the tele (a good five feet away)

    A posting to BAOR then isolates you from normal women and you seek solace in extreme hardcore porn, so much so I thought it was normal to see the likes of Theresa Orlowski getting eaten out, fisted and filled in by aggressive, big schlonged porn stars.... So much so one of my first girlfriends ran a mile when I tried to cornhole her with a tele remote and wanted to choke her on my c0ck and hit her in the face with it.

    Can such early exposure mould you into a deviant?

    Is there a time to come that you can't raise a woody unless you are watching a fit bird getting tag teamed by 10 well hung dudes then getting hoovered out by more fit chicks in speedo swimsuits and buttplugs?

    Should we, in future protect young soldiers from the horrors of Euro porn in order to protect the country from future sexual deviants, predators and porn addicts?
  2. I take it this is a prediction for your sexual future MDN? Product of the environment I suppose, especially exposure at such a 'tender' age. BFG Health Service are introducing a programme to wean soldier's off the real hardcore stuff. A six week programme starting with Uk porn mags, then moving to lingerie catalogues, and finally to Mills and Boon novels. Trials are just starting but there is a worry in the medical community that this may produce hermers.....time will tell.

    For you MDN, I'm afraid all hope was lost a couple of decades ago 8O
  3. If we changed things though, it would immediately eliminate one of my main sources of amusement.

    Porn has, for me, generated completely unrealistic expectations of women and frankly, it gets me through the day. Only yesterday, I was at the brew machine. One of the ladies from the office said, 'Are you finished there?' I moved out of her way and allowed her to make her hot beverage. A very innocuous encounter you might say. But as soon as i'd ran it through my Rodox-powered-porn-converter an entirely different scenario was created. In this one, she said 'Are you finished there?. Because when you are uh-yeah, I want you to fcuk the sh-it out of me you dirty goat, and schpoil my mother's cushions' See? far more interesting. I even like to incorporate the badly grammatised English translations, for shure!!
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Have to agree with you CC. The day is far more interesting if you convert "Would you like a cup of tea, to, would you like to wet your tongue on my tight pussy.

    I use German porn mags to increase my knowledge of the language, although it has on occasions led to awkward situations, where, instead of saying "Can I have 3 rolls and a slice of apple cake" it has come out as "Can I put my throbbing cock in your arrsehole. I know you love it" But in time this little translation glitch should be overcome.
  5. Just how are you going to vet (that word is going to come back and haunt me in this thread) all europorn? Will someone who is so used to the strongest of filth be paid to sit/hang from his butt plug all day deciding who can read a particular magazine or watch a particular video? I'm sure we could get volunteers, maybe even people would pay for that job.
    Perhaps a porn license (suitably taxed of course) could be created. You have to prove you are able to handle various types of porn (after porn lessons with a qualified instructor)? What classifications of license would we have?
    Where would you put the P (porn) plates? When would you display them? Will H&S be involved with compulsory safety gear?
    This has the potentential to be worth a fortune, welcome to Toppers Palace of Porn (1st Lesson free - women Half price courses. Group rates available. For training purposes and your safety all lessons are recorded and can be purchased on DVD at reasonable rates) The management are not responsible for any loss or injury howsoever caused.
  6. Sounded interesting until you mentioned your school toppers, any female instructors? - You can deal with Jarrod :D

    Ahh - I can see it now, a fortune to be made from Bukkake Ballistic Safety Glasses (patent pending) 8)
  7. German porn is a marital aid, Mrs Taff Knows that if she gives me any lip she will be strung up in our Dungeon with kilogram weights hanging off her nipples, being asphixiated by one of my socks rammed in her gob and a cheesy wotsit up each nostril, whilst I drink the contents of her enema tube.

    Life is just so much more peaceful that way, I will be suggesting it at the next AFF Meeting
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Porn is the work of Satan. It is evil and corrupting. It shows women's bits, in graphic and sickening detail. We are all best off not knowing what lies beneath a woman's stays and underdrawers. It can only lead to hellfire and damnation.
    I was forced to look at some, once, when young, and had I not had the protection and shield of Righteousness around me, I could have been drawn into wicked and sinful thoughts. Luckily I have retained my innocence and virtue, and abstained from anything like that since. It has been difficult, and necessitated strict personal physical punishments, but I have survived, and am a better man for it.

  9. It also removed you from reality didn't it?
  10. But you're describing it as if it were a bad thing? Countless hours in the debating chambers of the European Commission in Brussels and Strasbourg have been successfully filled with random acts of frottage and debauchery - I for one am glad that my tax money is spent on outlandish gang bangs, DPs and going airtight. Just think of the public service these people are providing, not to mention the talented overdubbing artistes and the saxaphone players.

    We need to celebrate this genre of entertainment, not feel embarassed.
  11. For once I find myself in total agreement with MDN early exposure to Pornography can have extreme effect on ones physical and mental stability, and your ability to act in a reasonable and rational way towards members of the opposite sex. It can cause a serious and sometimes irreversible effect on relationships with women. To that end I wait until about 09:30 to log on after pushing Mrs CBG out the door to work. Oh is that the time got to log on check my account and engage in some on line banking. Any earlier would be just wrong.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    One was at RAF Innsworth doing his discharge thing a few years ago & I had 'imported' some German delights with me.The was one young trainee in the block who,on seeing one of Germany's finest borrowed it.Never saw it again!! Little barsteward!
    Remember the badly dubbed boxhead films? "Go on.Give that chippy one first hard.she wants you man fat all over her face"
    Jeannie Pepper....

  13. You should try tapping into a natural resource known as 'nurses', what happens in hardcore German filth is the norm for them, other women are simply prudes in their eyes.
  14. As a young chap of not even 17 1/2 years old and being posted to Germany it truly was an eye opener going into a dodgy German flicks and not only seeing hard core filth on the big screen but actually getting a bottle of ale and a schnapps in the entry price! The 'Confessions of a ........' series never really cut it again after that, the seeds of deviancy were sown.
  15. Mmaybe such experts on porn can help me, I confiscated a porn mag from one of our cadets not long back and it had stars over the womens and mens bits.........call me old fashioned but doesn't that defeat the whole object of a porn mag?