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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by qman, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if it's been done before but a couple of questions.......

    Is Brown gonna chance his arm on an early election?

    Will the thieving, lying, socialist twats get another 10 years just like Milliband wants?
  2. I'd be surprised if he does, I'd also be surprised if it all turns out roses if he waits until 2009/10.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    My views?

    Yes if he is smart and probably this year.

    No - unless the Tories completely fcuk it up........even money on that though 8O
  4. Saw him on the Andrew Marr show this morning. Nothing, but nothing, would ever induce me to vote for "that lot", but I quite liked him. He comes across as a serious, heavyweight, old fashioned politician. I'm just not sure that the "patriotic" balls he's spouting - Britishness etc - are things he actually believes in or whther he's after the Daily Mail readers. He - after having it dragged out of him by Andrew Marr - was very complimentary about HM Forces, as he damn well should be.

    As I say, they'd never get my vote because the majority of Liarbour MPs are middle class ex student union activists who have never had a proper job, but I reckon Brown will have it licked if he calls an election this year.

    Trouble is, whoever you vote for, the Politicians always get in.

    ......... :(
  5. And that's the 'thing': when I hear what he's saying since he's become PM and look at how he's bringing in cross-party advisers I think "Y'know, he's not bad at all!" Then I remember he was Chancellor of the Exchequer for the last 10 years, rode the wave of a pretty prosperous global climate yet penny-pinched to build political war-chests at the cost of the lives of not only service personnel ref the MoD budget but ill people ref the NHS and I hope upon hope that no-one falls for the new spin. Despite the love / hate relationship with Bliar, he is far too closely involved in all that went on during Bliar's time as PM to not be part-engineer of the state that this country is now in.
  6. Dozybint -- I absolutely agree with you. He is well and truly "implicated". Do you know, its very odd, we haven't seen Annakey popping up on this thread have we? Perhaps it's champers and canape night down at the local Socialist Workers Party HQ...... :)
  7. Too true. If anyone believes he's a reformed character they are in need of urgent medical and psychiatric help.

    Ten years of stitching everyone up and overnight he's a saint? Maybe his martyrdom should be arranged. Volunteers?
  8. Is it me or can New Labore be classified as "Conservative Walts"?
  9. Completely agree with you, Dozy!

  10. I agree with your sentiments but note that it is another 5 years - no matter what Miliband might say! Thank God, one might add!

    Although it could be 10 years.... as the Tories under Dave have completely and utterly lost it!

  11. Is it going to happen - Yes.

    As for voting, I have said it before - If You want a referendum on the EU, vote Lib Dem, if You STILL want the government to pay for the Iraq War, vote Lib Dem.

    will Labour have another 10 years? they might be forced into a hung parliament. Will the Tories get in - don't hold Your breath.
  12. Why do we need to have a referendum? Why should we have Europe foisted upon us against our wishes. It seems to me that those who have most to gain from feeding at the trough are shouting the loudest yet those of us who stand to lose the most are being ignored and having the whole concept railroaded through parliament. If those who advocate 'the great experiment' wish then they can have as much of europe as they like ......in europe. Why do we need to bring europe here? It will bring nothing to me and my family only another layer to the beureaucratic trifle that makes up this once great nation. More laws I don't want or understand and more tax I don't want to pay. I will be further removed than ever from those that purport to 'run the country'. In all honesty I am now getting apathetic to the point of never voting again because my voice is neither heard nor represented. So come the election I will waste my vote. Labour ? Never. Lib Dem ? only when the hole in my arrse heals over!
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Vote Lib Dem, are you fcuking kidding. how could anybody vote for a party when it's representied by crass w@nkers like you. As has been said elsewhere not while theres a hole in my arrse. As for a hung parliament with Lib Dems holding the key, in your deams matey, in your fcuking dreams. Your party in power is about as credible as the BNP.

    As for Labour calling an early election, I suspect if they don't this will be their last term. They are likely to win at the moment but there is a world recession on its way and it will be really biting in 2010 when they have to call an election, and then they will lose.
  14. There's no such thing as a world depression affecting Great Britain,> How do I know?because I've read all the postings saying that there was no such thing when Maggie Thatcher was in power and all the unemplyment and high interest rates were her fault.
  15. Brown may have a certain low animal cunning when it comes to politics but the question should be will his cowardice overule his lust for power?

    On the one hand I suspect he will go for an early poll so he can claim a mandate when he railroads through his beloved EU constitution. On the other, he may leave it later so that he has enough of the millions of immigrant votes in the bag before he goes to the "poles" (Pun intended)