Early Discharge MPGS Due to Civvy job offer, advice please

Hello and thanks in advance for any replies, Im unsure if ive posted in the right section but here goes,

Im March after 2 years in the MPGS I decided to PVR, after job hunting for a couple of months with no success I withdrew my PVR and decided to continue in the MPGS, however a couple of days ago I recieved a very good offer in civvi street so am now deciding to again put in a PVR and take the job, so now I am wondering if I have to see out my 90 days notice as per contract or can I waive some of the time due to guarenteed civvy job offer, thanks in advance.
As long as your Platoon Commander screws the nut you could get away earlier due to terminal leave but it will depend on the manning at your location i.e. whether you can be spared for early release and your Platoon Commanders interpretation of Leave policy. Obviously, manning is a sensitive issue currently so I'd approach the Platoon Commander and sound him out.
handyman. I note that in previous posts you were dead set against civvy strasse, as your current job offered you job security, pension, blah blah blah.

What's gone wrong? Or is it the promise of much better pay?

You may well have a good civvie job offer on the table at the moment, but it's bloody hard work keeping a job nowadays, regardess of the spin you get at interview. Would your new position ensure future proofing?

So what if your new employer goes to the wall, or downsizes his staff. (Last in first out) I do not know how old you are, but trust me, the older you get the harder it is to get employment. Then a short term gain in pay will not mean much as you shuffle along the embankment thinking where did it all go wrong.

Have a really good think about it chap.

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