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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by morepressupsplease, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences of being demobbed early due to the Afghan drawdown. Particularly why it happened, what happened, your CoC's attitude towards it and if/how it has affected you. I am aware that it is a growing issue and for my own professional interest as a TA officer I would like to understand the scale of it. I also want to understand a few things for when I'm discussing it with my own (regular) CoC/have some anecdotes to use.

    You can check my other posts to see I'm serving and not a journalist.

    If there is anything sensitive please PM rather than post publicly.

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  2. Why would it be a "growing issue?" Everything the army does is done with the caveat "In the army's interests".

    It obviously has an impact on those who have applied to mobilise and subsequently either don't get selected (for a variety of reasons), but surely this risk should have been explained to them by their unit staff.
  3. It is a growing issue... Because it is increasingly happening. In growing numbers. And it is an issue-I.e a risk that has materialised.

    Yes, perhaps everything is done in the Army's interests. However, it is in the Army's interests not to demob reservists early and mess up their civilian lives, because then they will leave. And tell their mates not to join. And their employers will not support the reserves. And will discourage workers from joining. Employers owe nothing to the Army, which is why FR20 is struggling with perception so much.

    Applying to mobilise and not being selected I have less of a problem with. I do have a major problem with the current system of calling up reservists for Herrick and then sending them home during PDT because the Army has messed up it's manpower planning and called up too many-do you not think this is a problem, even if the initial call up was "in the Army's interests"?

    BTW I was told by my unit that if the TCR meant a reduction in numbers, I would still deploy and a regular would be stood down instead. I should have got it in writing.

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I think you need to get hold of a copy of CDS's email. My understanding is it is very unlikely any more TA personnel that have been mobilised but not yet deployed will be demoblised. If the post has been cut, they will have priority over another. I believe this may also extend to those that have had a mobilisation notice, but not yet reported to RTMC. For those that have already been demobolised, the MOD will be working with them and their employer.
  6. Its not rocket science. The jobs they have mobilised for are no longer needed or have already been filled by someone better qualified , Some units have been stood down last minute for deploying to Herrick due to the draw down in theatre.

    The only blokes who are moaning are the guys who were planning to have that tasty tour bonus for the Mrs and her new kitchen or save a wack of money without doing much work (unless combat role) .

    Chin up , go back to work knowing you did your best to try and mobilise and wait for the next conflict.
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  7. Not quite. The Army has been ordered by the Government to increase and improve the reserve. If it pisses reservists off by calling them up, making them give up their jobs and in some cases (such as mine) their homes, then they will leave and recruits will not join. The Army will then be unable to achieve it's mission. This is because the Regular Army's inability to plan and implement strategy means it made lots of mistakes. It doesn't get much simpler then this.

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  8. i have recently passed through Chilwell,we warned off that an early demob was a possibility if your post became redundant during the deployment,although it was stressed that it had only happened in a handful of cases thus far.
  9. Well why did you put all your eggs in one basket? I knew that I could of been injured during PDT causing me to demob early, so why did you give up your house for something that wasn't always guaranteed?
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  10. I didn't. My employer provided my home. They paid a reduced corporate rate for it. I would have to pay a much higher private rate as an individual customer. The Reservist Award would only over what my employer paid, so I had to move out and move my girlfriend into a flat share for.

    I explained this to my unit when they asked me if I would deploy (I didn't volunteer, but I was willing). The Ops Major said it was critical that the vacancy was filled, that I was the preferred choice, and if the number of posts was cut a regular would be stood down to send me instead. He was subsequently trawled at short notice for another op before his EOT date and his replacement wasn't aware of this agreement.

    Furthermore, I could only find out the RA issue with my housing after I'd mobilised and met the Adjudicating Officer, not before.

    I wouldn't care if it was because of injury, lack of fitness or being poor at my job, but it's not-it's because people have made mistakes and the system is not fit for purpose.

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  11. Morepressupsplease, do yourself and the Armed Forces a favour and resign.
    You obviously have a chip on your shoulder thinking that you are something special and that everything should revolve around you.
    If you try to get in a pissing contest between the Army doing what is best for the Army in the opinion of those making the decisions and what is best for your own individual circumstances, you will lose and be even more bitter than you are now.

    It's not a new or escalating problem.
    NEWS FLASH! Lads get fucked around, regular AND reserves. Just look at all the thousands who got spammed to babysit tourists back at the summer sports day.
    When I last went through RTMC there were people getting messed around all over the place, volunteering for one theatre and being sent to another, volunteering for one role and being told on arrival that you'd be doing something else, volunteering for a 6 month tour only to have it cut down to 3, and the opposite where some volunteered for 3 month tours and were being 'compelled' to sign up for the 6 months. Shit happens, it's part of service life.
    I missed my grandfathers funeral because some idiot at RTMC forgot to pass a message on, it pissed me off intensely but these things happen.
    And ask any regular who's just got his family settled on the patch only to be told he's got an immediate posting to BFG, or the lads who get jiffed for a month long exercise starting in two days time just because they happen to be walking past the troop staffies office at the wrong time.

    Part of serving is putting your personal needs in second place after the needs of the Army.
    It's not ideal, and in a perfect world then there'd be no problems but this isn't a perfect world and plans go awry. It's usually those lower down who suffer, you're right that those who make the decision are rarely troubled with the consequences.
    But that's life.

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  12. msr

    msr LE

    Accept shite admin, or try to determine the cause and extent of the issue and see what can be done to improve the situation? I know which option I would choose.
  13. Well your just incredibly unlucky.
  14. In an ideal world there would be no issues and everything would run smoothly.
    But it's not ideal and it probably never has been.
    There were probably cock ups in admin when Sharpe was just a chosen man.

    The bottom line is, needs of the Army over needs of the individual.
    The individual should be helped and accommodated as much as is possible but the needs of the Army come first.
    We serve the country, not the other way round.

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  15. The more lads that get fucked around means that less will join.
    So in the long run is the army will be undermanned.