(early days) First Formal Interview


From the thread title, you should all be able to figure out where I'm currently at in the joining process.
My interview is set for a couple of days time and I've been preparing for the interview by learning various facts about the Corps I intend to join (REME), keeping track of my PT so I can give an accurate rep of what I'm currently achieving, and finding out what I can about phase I and II training to have some basic job knowledge.

My question though, is whilst re-reading the letter I recieved inviting me to the interview, I noticed it mentions a "basic skills assessment", and I have no idea what it entails. I'm sort of hoping some of you could shed some light on this?
I think this is the maths and english tests you do on the computer, i did mine when i did my barb so not to sure why they ask you to do them at your inteview. If thats what they are dont worry there just common sense and you cant really revise for them.
Officer or Other Rank?

The psychometric tests are simply English, maths and basic mechanics. You should be OK.

For the interview (assuming officer), think about times you've shown leadership, (office or OR) wear a suit and polished shoes and address the interviewer correctly. Don't get nervous; just be yourself.


Cheers fellas. Going in at the bottom to get a trade so no Officer training for me, and I have my suit out and ready, shirt ironed and shoes polished up ready to go for tommorrow.
Assuming this "Basic Skills Assessment" is just the english and maths tests, I should be fine. Assuming again that I've not had any degredation of skill in however many years it's been since the GCSEs. I'll just go with it and see what happens. :thumleft:
Good luck mate, had my 1st interview on Tuesday, passed but have got to go pre-selection for a good write up for my 2nd interview, I don't mind, be good to see how fit I actually am, unfortunately i cant tell you what goes on at the numeracy and literacy test, but the interview was not that hard just be confident and don't lie, should be no problem
I have my first interview on monday :D
A little nervous but I feel prepared enough, i know about my job choices and my fitness level, so it should go well :D I also did the basic skills during my Barb test, it wasnt easy but it wasnt hard.


Well, today turned out pretty good. Turned up about 25 minutes early (I was planning for only about 10, but oh well) and went straight in for the literacy and numeracy tests. Wasn't too bad, a bunch of questions on the computer, a great deal of which with multiple choice answers.
Then had the interview, and for some reason, they sat me down for a second interview. Both went pretty good, and apparently I'll be receiving dates to visit ADSC Pirbright in the next day or two. Happy days.
Iv got my first formal interview on wednesday and iv also got to do a key slills test. the funny part about it tho is the reason i was given on why i have to do it, 'your going to have to do a key skills test im afraid mate, because your from the ashford area.'

i did find that highly amusing, just wanted to know u say you got interviewed twice, was there a interview directly after the first because thats what iv been informed is going ot happen at mine.


Yep, 2 interviews, 2 different recruiting Sergeants.
Both interviews were pretty much the same thing: Making damn sure the trade I've chosen was my choice rather than parents/recruiters choice or whatever, and letting me know what else was available to me just in case I hadn't considered it. Making sure I knew what I'm about to let myself in for and what my family think of me doing it. Explaining the next step with ADSC, and asking about my current fitness levels.... All that sort of thing really.

Good luck with yours mate!
cheers worm!

im just doing myself some last minute revision now on my three job choices, and im actualy looking forward to the interviews now.

ill let you know how i get on tomorrow.

cheers mate.
everything at my interview went good today, they just had a minor concern about me leaving home for the army and my girlfriend still living at my house with the old dear, basicly they dont want me gettin crappy phone calls when im in basic training saying theyve fallen out which could take my mind off of training.
But any way thats going to get sorted out so everything should be good, just waiting for a date to go to ADSC Pirbright now.

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