Early Day Motion 351

Lorna Fitzsimons - Arrse Heroine.

EDM 351
That this House notes with concern that the two super regiments, ie. regiments of two battalions or more, of the Royal Anglians (RA) and the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR) face amalgamation and loss of title due to the proposal to cut one battalion from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF); notes that this is due to all three regiments being in Queen's Divison and given that the RRF would be unsustainable as one battalion and the only way the Queen's Division could continue would be to merge all five remaining battalions; further notes that the proposal is to call one of the new super regiments of three battalions the Royal English Fusiliers, and as such this would mean one of the two historic regiments of RA or PWRR losing their historic title; further notes that given all three regiments were amalgamated, or cut, in 1970 and 1992 it would not be fair or equitable, to amalgamate them again; further notes that they are all now successful two battalion regiments with no recruiting problems and cannot see how this proposal would meet the Army Board's own success criteria.

I love her I do :D
Maybe EDM 353 holds a clue?

EDM 353
That this House celebrates the huge historic and continuing role that Foreign and Commonwealth recruits play in the British Army; notes with concern the proposal that their numbers are not to be included in the Infantry Review; proposes that the Army Board should return to its initial policy and include the figures when looking at each battalion's figures; and strongly believes that every soldier is equal and should be counted as such.

Why is there a proposal to exclude F&C Troops?

Is there a proper reason for this accounting apartheid?

Or does their exclusion make it easier to point a finger and say "They're not fully recruited , chop them"
She's doing well.

Ex-NUS president with high-level political hack skills, probably sees the writing on the wall at the next general election for much of her intake and is manouvering away from the Blairite bandwagon.

Excellent - we need more of these people! :twisted:
That looks like Lorna - Solid Lancashire Lass with family connections to t' Army.
The problem, as I understand it, is that F&C are not 'recruited' by Regts but are allocated to them on a rotational basis.

The Regts who are worst recruited get a larger slice of the F&C cake and they therefore skew the 'real' picture of how succesfuly recruited the Regt actually is.

In no way do I underestimate the contribution they make to our armed forces (my own Regt included) but their inclusion in the figures produces a different reality.

As I remember, RGJ used to have a lot of F&C applicants specifically requesting to join them.

Same with my Cap Badge,during the time of it's Caribbean and Far Eastern tours . Is there a figure for people who make their way to these shores and say "I want to join x Regiment"?
Big_Al said:
No recruiting problems?

Average of 60+ F&C per Bn?

The PWRR have not recruited F&C for 2 years. They have been able to sustain an overmanned Regiment and have donated platoons to backfill undermanned Jock regiments.
FMOB!!!! :evil:
Every bloody amalgamation since 1969 and the old Home Counties regiments have been shafted by the left, by the right and by the bloody centre! :evil:
The famous names of the Queen's Surreys, Buffs, Royal Sussex and the Middlesex were joined to make the Queen's Regiment, then, after twenty years of good solid soldiering, they were merged with the Hampshires to become PWRR.
The good, solid soldiering has continued, during that time, largely unreported... Now, according to this report, they are just about to be shafted again!!!!! :evil:
The anti-regimentalists have been on the march for decades; now it seems that their plans are coming to fruition with anonymous super-regiments, fed by trickle-posted personnel.
'It works for the Americans!' goes the cry...
Oh, yes?
I say again; take a look at Vietnam and what trickle-posting did for their morale. The attrition rate amongst FNG's was dismal! Unit cohesion was poor and discipline went down the tubes, save where there were a few exceptional leaders... And even they had to look over their shoulders; trust is the first thing to go.
There are none of my family now serving in PWRR, where once we maintained a presence, in its precursor units, for the last one hundred and fifty years. There is little incentive to encourage current service age family members to join up because the family regiment is barely recognisable and what remains will have evaporated, inside some blandly named amalgam, once this idiocy takes place! :evil:
These 'reforms' will be closely identified with Neue Arbeit, no matter how much they try to shift the responsibility onto the Army.
It will not be forgotten! :evil: :evil: :evil:

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