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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 86-john-mahn, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Apart from putting in a good performance on your class 2 course is there anyway of being offered a chance of going back to Chatham to do your class 1 early?

    I've read it's only after 2 or 3 years at your unit or even 18 months on some occasions but how is that decided? If somebody goes straight to a field regiment and doesn't touch their trade what dictates the amount of time they have to wait to be upskilled?

    My trade is Draughtsman E&M.
  2. You get loaded on your Class One trade by Glasgow. I have only known 1 person get on their Class 1 early in 14 years. As for how much you've done your trade, it doesn't really matter.
  3. the majority of lads i knew done their class 1 because it was a pay rise & not because they enjoyed/liked their trade, personally i waited just under 2 years for mine.
  4. We had a split on my class one, half of us had waited best part of 3 years and the other half had waited 18 months to 2 years. You could tell the difference in the split because those of us who had been in longer had done a lot more operating. Personnally I got bugger all out of my class one because I was already a B1 knocker so didn't get a pay rise and there were no civvy quals awarded other than categories on your CITB card (which is now obselete.
  5. Thanks to everyone for replying. My motive is purely for the fact I want to progress as fast as possible and I'm eager to learn. I'm looking for a full career in the RE, not just doing the minimum and then running. I wasn't sure it even came with a pay rise.

    I've had to opt for the E&M trade over Design Draughtsman and the civilian quals earned at class 1 look poor compared to the HNC a DD gets so I'm looking to get to a point where I could do a distance learning course which would require a trade posting which I would hope to get once class 1 trained. If Glasgow are involved I'm guessing it's just the luck of the draw from the reputation they have on here.

    On a sidenote, if a class 1 E&M re-traded to DD after the trade restriction had passed would he have to start again on a class 2 or could he take some sort of tick test and go straight on the class 1 DD course? Or do the similarities between the two render re-trading a complete waste of time (and money)?
  6. The likelihood of being able to re-trade once you've become a Class Two tradesmen are pretty bloody slim to put it mildly unless you want to go to a pinch point which DD is not. You don't neccessarily need a trade post to Chilwell, if you get posted to a regiment just put to go to the construction supervision cell.
  7. Sorry, what I mean was the possibility of re-trading once having already become a class 1 E&M to a class 1 DD, so that's once the initial 4 years minimum service is up and any trade restriction once passing a class 1 course has passed. I certainly wouldn't expect to be able to re-trade as a class 2 and I understand what I've signed on for is set in stone.
  8. Still no chance. Even re-trading to another trade within the Corps is hard enough whilst you are at 3 RSME and haven't even started your Class 2 trade so doing it once you are trained is nigh on impossible (unless you are going to a pinch point trade).