Early Christmas for the French armed forces

Within the economy stimulus package decided by Sarkozy, France is to receive 15 of the new Nexter Aravis MRAP for operations in Afghanistan at a unitary price of one million euros. The FR Army will be the first customer of this new vehicle which was only presented during the Satory 2008 exhibition last June.

With a weight of 12,5 tons ARAVIS' protection level is supposed to outclass that of all other existing 4x4 vehicles. Its combined protection levels are as such : level 4 ballistic protection (defeats 14,5 mm threats), level 4 mine protection (defeats 10kg mines under the belly and wheels) , level 4 artillery splinters protection (defeats 155mm artillery threats) and IED protection.

The ARAVIS has an Unimog châssis and it is air transportable by C130, A400M and C17. This vehicule offers an internal volume of 9.5 m3 and can carry 2 crew plus up to 6 infantrymen with their equipment. ARAVIS, can be fitted with remote controlled weapon station (Kongsberg Protector 50 Cal MG in the case of the FR Army).

http://www.ttu.fr/francais/Articles/Industrie & materiels/15aravisnexter.html


The stimulus package also includes 5 EC-725 Mk II helicopters, one 21,300 tons LPD of the "Mistral" Class, a higher than expected production rate for the VBCI IFV and PVP light armoured vehicles, CIS equipments, new bombs, the conversion of Falcon 50 from VIP jets to MPAs and a few other bits and bobs.
It is a very good platform. NEXTER has a good range of vehicles at the moment. As we know from the FRES Trials of Truth (and the resignation of Drayson)........

Edited before any smart arrse makes comment - I know this isn't the 8x8. That's why I said RANGE of vehicle

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