Early Assignment Order

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Is it normal to receive an assignment order a year in advance?
  2. not unheard of, why?
  3. Submitted a PPP yesterday, after 2 years of a 3 year posting, and now have an assignment order for Dec 2010.
  4. You're just showing off now aren't you???
  5. well least you can plan ahead, I got mine 5 months after my end of tour date, after almost daily badgering
  6. That'll balance all the orders published three months after the event!

    Very surprising though!

  7. Either:

    a. JPA, the PPP system and Glasgow have suddenly got ultra efficient and processed your PPP in amazingly quick time


    b. You pi55ed someone off way before you even thought of doing a PPP :D

    (I'm going for b. :D )

    Did the assignment bear any relation to your PPP?
  8. Did you submit your posting prefrence via JPA, or paper verson?
  9. Better than a phone call at xmas and given a weeks notice, yes loads of forward planning on that, and no I didnt submit a PPP. I wonder if you can claim for that?
  10. I got mine 11 months before and the job I wanted.

    I suppose if you do your homework and know that there is a slot coming up, you are doing half of their job for them.
  11. there was a vicious little civvy clerk at a holding unit, her little bit of fun was to upset the lads prior to their first posting.

    I walked in with a mate of mine, I wanted Germany, he wanted the UK (kid on the way and all that drivel)

    She rewrote our PPP I got UK he got Germany. We thought it a admin error. However after a while it was noticeable that no body got the posting they wanted and were sent to opposite places. The lads got savvy and put in opposite postings. She got wind of it and they got those postings instead.

    She was dragged in by the CO and was put onto another desk. It was the pay desk, there was a lot of pi***d of guys not paid on time.

    Well done to the OP on getting your posting, shows that the system is now working. ish
  12. I got 9 months notice of my posting to Hong Kong - 9 months waiting for them to realise their mistake! - didn't believe it til I got on the plane!!

    I got an assignment order yesterday for someone with an arrival date of 4 Jan 2011!!

  13. I heard of one yesterday taking up their appointment in June 2011.........
  14. hmm not bad, i got 4 weeks notice
  15. Roger that, I got one for 6 weeks notice, asked for it to be pushed back a bit, that request was accepted then I got reissued A 6 WEEK NOTICE assignment order. The RE desk at Glasgie must have been pishing their pants. Still I got 32 Hohne off that so it turned out alright.