Earls Court to be Knocked Down

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. Well past it's sell by date and pretty much useless these days in terms of a modern exhibition centre.

    BBC News - Earls Court demolition plan approved by Mayor of London

    Some here will have some good memories of the place (and the piss ups both in the pubs of the Earls Court Road and on-site) when the Royal Tournaments were on.
  2. I did Honour Guard for the Queen there in 1985.
  3. as I like art deco, shame really; but yes it did have its limitations for shows
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  4. I went to a couple of Great British Beer Festivals there. Actually they may have been at Olympia but I cant really recall as I was slightly confused by half four.........
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  5. Did the Royal Tournament as Junior in 1977.

    I was on the Honour Guard for HM The Queen and Phil the Greek.

    He took the mickey out of me for being smaller than the Gurkha who was stood next to me. (Reference to Action man).

    The question is, where will the Aussies and the Camper Vans go?
  6. I assume it will make way for another steel-and-glass monstrosity?
  7. From the linked article that you didn't read;
  8. From the article..
    With the Excel now in the East London probably doesn't need another Exhibition centre. This will be sold off for (high class) housing. Probably some of the most valuable real estate in London there.

    The district will suffer though. Its been about 10 years since I have been down the Earls Ct Road and it did have its own character, once the foreign money moves in a lot of that character will be lost.
  9. Before



  10. I went there for a motorcycle show in 1980, place was a bit of a shit heap then, the surrounding estates were just as bad. Worst part was having to go into London to get there, with all the associated problems of finding the place, finding secure parking, affordable accommodation etc. Far easier to go to the NEC.
    Eye opening moment came when my mate`s mrs mistakenly opened one of the fire exit doors to go outside for a smoke, there must`ve been about twenty black kids waiting outside on the off chance that the door was opened. About half a dozen got in to the hall before a security guard came running to close it. The half dozen then went running along the stalls grabbing anything they could before legging it out of another exit. Stall holders shouting their heads off while the guard looked at the mate`s mrs and shook his head woefully.
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Got asked to leave Earls Court, well actually escorted out, at the last ever Crufts in that building. My old and long deceased Weimaraner, Winston, was just plain hard. He was bred from a German bitch and an American distaff. I thought, at the time, that to show him would be fun, as he did qualify. I didnt want best of show, I thought it would be a good day out. It proved to be so. It started to go wrong with a Yorkshire Terrier, owned by a little fat bloke. This was a beautifully groomed Yorkie with a red ribbon round its neck. Whist walking his yorkie past our little plywood space, the terrier went all ballistic and snarled at Winston, who in his dog mentality decided to deal with this annoying little dog in a definitive manner. He cocked his leg and pissed all over it.

    The weimaraners were being showed in one ring next to where the Golden Retrievers were being shown. Whilst waiting to go into the ring, Winston and a retriever decided to have an altercation, and an unseemly brawl between the two dogs occurred. The owner was a tad more effeminate than Julian Clary and was totally ineffective in controlling his dog. I stuck the boot in on Winston's behalf, I then got bitch slapped by the aforementioned effeminate guy and shortly afterwards the stewards arrived. Time to leave.
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  12. That's worse than admitting a Rockape got the better of you.
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  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Dont I know it..... the shame.......
  14. I saw a huge aeroplane zoom through the stadium and crash into the stage.

    And at some point ....pigs materialized like ..passing through the walls ...

    ..or was it the drugs ?
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  15. Good. Its been shit having the GBBF there. Much prefferred Olympia and it's glass roof.

    All it reminds me of Mosley's fascist black shirt rallies. I've never liked the building.