Earliest Termination Missing - AFPS05

Hey there, just a quick question.

Basically I'm looking at leaving the Forces although I've not server that long, and worse I was under 18 when I joined. The reason I'm looking to leave it that I want to go to Uni, so basically if I were to leave I'd like an accurate date as to when I could (for the application process to run smoothly).

I was told initially to check JPA for "Earliest Termination Date", which I was told is my actual date to leave the forces, though on my JPA that date is missing. So naturally I asked the Clerks and they directed me to JPAC, whom directed me to my Clerks. After they unsuccessfully gave me a date (ish) I was wondering if anyone on here can give me a clearer view?

Basically I joined in Apr 07 at 17yo. Now it's June 10 that's three years three months service. I've been told that you can sign off after three years three month service (discounting the fact that I was under 18) and actually leave after four years and three months (that's June 11 for me). Though the obvious problem is that since I was under 18 I would have to wait an additional year, so it becomes June 12.

Although I've heard on more than one account that the rules have changed and now service counts from under 18 for early termination, so if this is true I can sign off now and make Uni next year. Though for my to be comfortable approaching the hierarchy with asking to leave I'd like to know where it is written, apparently it's part of AFPS05.

So basically I'm asking, do the dates that I've said seem right and does anyone know where it would be written that the rules may have changed, also does anyone know who I can contact to fill in the missing information on my JPA?

Any information is helpful so give me clues, pointers or answers! Thanks.
Queens requlations Chapter 9 Part 2 Para 9.073A (c & d)

As long as you joined before 17 9 months you have the right to terminate with 12 months notice after 3 years from your 18th birthday (4years total)

If you were over 17 9 months but under 18 the date will vary but is still a total of 4 years (including notice) but is either from age 18 or 3 months after attestation whichever is later.

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Speak to your RCMO. There are options for some trades and cap badges to leave more quickly than after 12 months notice. He can ask APC for advice on your specific case and when you could leave.
Awesome, cheers you lot.

The issue wasn't with speed of exit more like accuracy, I just wanted a definitive answer, since every person I asked told me something different, I wanted to at least approach the hierarchy knowing that I'm eligible to sign off. I also wanted to aim my sign off for the start of Uni, which I can do a little more confidently now.

Means I can start getting the most out of the rest of my service and start planning for the future a little more.

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