Earliest Enlistment, whos the oldest fart stills serving?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Further to the thread re. Army numbers. I knew an RAF WO (fat, senile and smelly) who left in 1998 but joined in 1958 (Cliff Richard and The Shadows had just made the charts for the first time)!

    Those still serving, NCO or Officer, Army, Navy, RM or RAF, how long ago did you enlist? Who's the oldest and boldest out there still serving? :D
  2. Enlisted December 1966. Still serving albeit FTRS.Also I still have three years to retirement.And before all the jokes are thrown I jog daily and can still complete a BFT in good time.
  3. My first exercise with the Harrier Force in 1982 as a fresh faced nig, we had a BBQ at Endex (Blue Jobs eh !) And the guest of honour was an Air Frame Mechanic who was leaving the RAF at the end of his service. He started on Spitfires in 1948. He was a Cpl.....
  4. My grandad joined the RA to do his basic training in 1950, Was in the Sandhurst coronation intake of 1952 and finally retired in 1992.
  5. Joined as Boy Soldier in 1955, eventually finished with NZ TF in 1994. Still breathing - just!

  6. What a relaxed man he must have been.
  7. Yep, and the bees-knees I bet. :D
  8. It would have been fun watching the management try to deal with him. I'll bet he'd seen it all.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The SWO at RAF Cosford when I was back there on a weps course around 87ish wore a WOP/AG wing (Wireless op/Air Gunner) which my my Dad started out as in WWII before he became a Lanc pilot. And I had a old Sgt at Bruggen in 89 whose name was Hastings with the last 4 of his service number of 1066.He was a evil ittle Glaswiegen!
  10. IIRC he was a nice bloke, and had a lot of respect. But doesn't it say a lot for Blue Job promotion?

    And anyway I am quite surprised that this thread has so many replies, as we all know that half of the wannabies on here have not been anywhere near a Recruiting Office.