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Earl de Grey

The Earl de Grey dates back to the 1840s and was a popular haunt for Hull’s seafarers and sailors from around the world for the decades

Wykeland is also appealing for anyone with memories or photographs of the Earl De Grey to e-mail them to so they can be saved on public record at Hull History Centre.

eh ?

A council is paying to relocate a prozzie's pub & the developer is asking for memories & pictures ?

has any one been in this boozer & got memories of being mugged by a pimp or gobbled off by a dusky slapper....
It talks about the Bonus Arena. Is that slang for the ARRSE? Hull being a prize shit’ole it would be apt

Bonus Electrical was founded by Eric Boanas in 1962, and at the time the company operated out of rented premises on Mytongate.

When Eric’s son Trevor joined the business, it had a turnover of just £800 a month.

Trevor was paid £20 per week with a one per cent commission - he clearly responded well to this as just a few months later the company’s turnover had risen to £5,000 per month.

The company later moved to new premises in Flinton Street off Hessle Road, to accommodate for its growth.

from -

I see in the linked article that the Castle Street Chambers building will be . . . linked to the relocated Earl De Grey by a glazed extension. Glazed extension? We've all had those.
googled 'em

I knock 'em both down
Absolutely irrelevant to the thread but I knew a LCpl WRAC from 'ull and she had the best arse in a pair of OG's on the entire planet. Firm buttocks and .........hang on I'll back in a couple of minutes seconds.