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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jan_van_Riebeek, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, it was a split between here and Health.

    I struggle with the amplivox when on the ranges, both to hear the commands and to get comfortable against the stock. I have taken to using the foam inners, but I still struggle to hear the commands (too much raving as a younger lad and a few FIBUA sessions). I am looking at protecting what hearing I have left and getting a pair of ear defenders that let through normal noise and stop big bangs.

    I have searched the forums, but found no mention of these guys, even though they seem to be working with MoD: http://www.ultimateear.com/shooters.htm. I was wondering whether anyone had any experience of using either the bog-standard "shooters aids" or the more comfortable custom moulds. Both do essentially the same thing and use a valve to close up when there are audio spikes, allowing voice through but not gunshots, explosions etc.

    Your thoughts/views/comments welcome.

  2. The Canadians use something similar for their troops for deployments and they rave about them. also, NIHL is a big topic with the powers that be at the moment especially with the increase in IED threat, so there may be some movement in the near future regarding improvements to our own ear protection
  3. Before you spend a shed load of cash on those ones you linked to, try these


    £2.93 FROM HERE

    They are easy to fit and remove quickly. Also, if you are listening to someone you can place one loosely in the ear using the flanges while you wait for the "Watch and shoot, watch and shoot" or whatever, then just poke it fully in with a finger.
  4. http://www.botachtactical.com/aearcomarear.html

    Not used these (I use the orange ones linked to above by Counterstrike, better than the usual squidgy yellow ones) but have heard these are meant to be decent... Different ends for different use apparently.

    Those 'allow normal noises through but cut out gunfire' electronic earplugs would be immense, but very pricey.

    On the ranges I just use the issued Peltors, slide one side forward to expose the ear and hear the commands, then slide it forward to cover up your ears when you go into the shoot. Was that the Amplivox you were on about?
  5. I use the Puretone electronic ones. Good but very pricey.
    As it happens, I was talking to an audiologist yesterday who said they were the best ones available. (Down the pub - he wasn't selling them!)

    They're fine on the range or for general field shooting but I'm not sure how they'd stand up on ops. Battery resupply would be an issue.
  6. Yes, thats what I call them :)

    How much do these cost? The website didnt say.

    The generic ones from that website I mentioned are only £14 or something - no battery so it wont run out but not a custom fit so comfort might be an issue.

    The only real concern I would have with these things is that if the valve were to fail, then if there was a loud bang you would be without ear defence at all really. But I reckon on the whole its better to be able to hear commands and ambient sound whilst still being protected than to wear amplivox and hear nothing.

  7. These look good, I'd like to try them if I can find a UK supplier.

    Jan, my ones are still quite good for hearing normal speech, even when fully inserted, and at the price it's worth a shot :roll:
  8. I believe electronic hearing defence is or will be issued soon.
  9. £400 - 550 depending on model:

    The flexible ones are probably worth the extra.

    I think you will get them for less (Quite a bit less) if you shop around, these are the guide prices. Check that the price you are quoted includes any fitting charge and VAT.

    Any hearing aid specialist can custom fit these for you.

    There is no "valve" to fail, they are electronic and will fail safe. With the power off it's just like having a good pair of plugs in, you can still hear things it's just quiet!
  10. Know its a bit late but this shop/link might be of interest to some


    While I wouldn't trust a £20 set of electronic ear defenders they do have some Deben and Peltors for ~£60 that will probably be a bit more reliable and fit under the Mk.6a unlike the rather spiffy but huge looking Peltors with MP3 player jack 8O
  11. Just been issued some thta are very similar to those, two pairs one orange for training/constant wear and one green for combat.

    Told these are to be worn on Ops from now on. IIRC you wear the orange ones while patrolling etc and put the green ones on for sustained fire etc. I can't seem to find any other info, they are US issue too. We were also told they were a stop gap.
  12. The new ear defence are only for those people who have external auditory canals suitable for them. They have been on trial for those going out on ops for a little while, but not everyone can use them. I understand they will be made for everyone going on ops soon, not certain about for the rest of us though. If I get round to reading all those emails about them I'll post more.
  13. You're right. When we had our ARB a few months back we were told about them, then in Oct/Nov 08 we were 'fitted' for proper electronic ear protection. Apparently it's costing the MoD £3 million per deployment to fit them, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than what they are paying out for those who suffer from loss of hearing. I've not used mine yet, so if anyone knows how good they are...
  14. Yep; if you're about to go to a hilly, sandy place you'll have been fitted for them.