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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by rhyanne, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, Im new to this forum, Im not ex army however my dad was. I'm ex navy and now work as a civvi gpmg instructor in the naval base in pompey. So anyways, the guys in my office are due to do a gun salute in london and are required to wear the best dress. We understand the Kings horse Artillery who also do the gun salutes (hyde park) also do this in their best dress. All we would like to know is what ear duffs if any do they wear as you cant see them in photos. If they do wear any what is the NSN number? I have been acting secretary for the last few weeks and have been calling their offices, numbers found on the intranet address book and no one is answering....ever....Your help would be greatly apprieciated.Mrs H
  2. You're asking the wrong mob; you need to contact an Ear Defence Regiment.
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  3. But don't phone them. They never pick up.
  4. They can't hear the phones due to all the ear defence that they're wearing.
  5. I saw what you did there...

    Having worked quite closely with the minge troop on a number of ceremonial occasions, I can't say I've ever seen them wear ear defence, and the horses certainly don't. Although the musician types now have to wear ear plugs of some description.
  6. you defo need to get some anti-deaf stuff definitely.
  7. Are you listening? !>>!???
  8. lol thanks for cheering me up. however on googling and looking a phots, there are few with the yellow squidgy ones in.
  9. yeah sorry I had too much to drink. Coffee please....
    Not all arrsers are like me (he says)
  10. There are a wide choice of in-the-ear styles available. They do not ahve to be the yellow ones and I am sure you can find someonline that are far more discreet.
  11. ex-navy but never heard of ear defenders ?

    now a civvy and instructing gpmg ? Luckily they can't be the ones that go BANNGGG quite rapidly

    the guys in your office are doing a gun salute ? In their best dress ...... a Hardie Amies number ?

    oo-er Mrs, what an interesting life you lead.
  12. My firm supplies us with EMTEC moulded plugs, which come in a range of colours. As a bonus, you can have them fitted with Sennheiser earphones for that genuine 'bobbing about in a RIB listening to my iPod' feeling.
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  13. did I write Id never heard of ear duffs???? I cant see that anywhere...... and yes the MOB do have civvi weapons instructors and I dont just teach GPMG either, there minigun, 20mm, 30mm.

    And yes the Navy also do gun salutes ya know.....and if your not aware of that what a sheltered life you lead :p
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    "If I wasn't a gunner I wouldn't be here. Fire One!"
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