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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Two_Cookers, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering if I could get an opinion on Peltor electronic ear defenders. I'll be spending a fair amount of time on the ranges for the next couple of months so I'm thinking about investing in a pair. As you all know, it is a right pain trying to remove the ear cover nearest the RCO to listen to the instruction and then having to replace and do up chinstrap before next instruction arrives....repeat ad nauseum. Do the electronic ones help or are they a waste of time and hard earned?

    Also, the things vary wildly in price on the web so any ideas where to purchase cheaply would be welcomed.

    Thanking you ta.
  2. I was thinking of getting the orange US ones which just plug in, are we allowed to use them?
  3. Have used electric ear defence before a long time ago in a workshop. Found them truly amazing, we tested them out by banging a hammer on a metal desk right next to the ear of the person wearing them... worked a treat!! Would have loved to have tried them on a range!!
  4. Arty crews get issued the electronic ones.

    Mere mortals such as MG and Mortar crews are not deemed worthy enough, even if PAM 21 and LUMATS *states* that ear defense shall be worn when infantry weapons are discharged" - which does not differentiate between live and blank, btw.

    So, as they are cheaper we get the poor cousins.
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    I've worn the orange US ones, they're good, seem to provide the same defence as the green peltors do. Never had any qualms over wearing them off anyone.

    Edit to add: I'm arty and don't get electronic ones....mind you I am TA.
  6. I like the orange ones as you can place them just in your ear and still hear range instructions, then when you get the "Watch and shoot, watch and shoot" you stick them right in with 1 finger. No fannying about with amplivox / helmet clashes!

    Also, never had a problem being allowed to use them, your hearing is your responsibility. Duty of care is showing you have some defence.
  7. I've got a set of peltor soundtrap - from ebay about £90.00.

    Fantastic piece of kit, and a massive help on ranges and OBUA, many a time I've caught orders that everyone else has missed. They should be standard issue on ranges for the safety aspect alone.
  8. I have used these [​IMG]

    for nigh on twenty years both for range and civilian shooting and my hearing is undamaged as atttested to by our local audio gnome with his box of tricks.I have only been challenged once by a young,newly qualified Range-Nazi about them.I complied on that occasion and wore the green so as not to undermine him.We held a discussion afterwards and the subject was never mentioned again (by him,on the range) :)
  9. Galgenberg,

    Any idea on what the orange ones are called. I am interested in getting some.


  10. Just be aware that many tipes of hearing defence are designed for specific noise ranges and frequencies, so what might be good for workshops etc is'nt necessarily good for ranges etc. Check with manufacturer if its suitable.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  12. The aforementioned Peltor Soundtrap and designed specifically for shooting. Both peltor and a napier have specific models for guns.
  13. Can't find a direct link to the product but click usmcpro and search for ear plug, you'll find them. £2.99

    Unless you're very slydexic fo cuores.
  14. I use the Yank orange "GI" earplugs, you can get them from Soldier of fortune. They're about the same as the peltor issue earmuffs I reckon but a bit easier to understand whats being said and bit more tactical too. Tried those roll-em-up-and-stick-in-ear foamy earplugs and they're a pile of **** so go with the orange or issued green.

    How do those fancy electronic ones work then? Can you hear normally until a loud bang comes along and they kick in? If you could hear normally except for the bangs they'd be just the ticket for exercise and ops. If you could get them on along with a PRR...
  15. Fhey have some flash electronic gizmo's inside that detect when a loud noise such as a bang has happened, and turn off the speaker inside the ear piece to protect you're hearing. On the outside there is a small microphone that picks up the external sound and relay's it into the earpieces. When you're got the volume turned up you can actually hear better than if you were'nt wearing them at all.

    The peltor's and some other have a jack for plugging in radio's, but these are dependant on a converter. Microphone boom's can also be attached.