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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jcarver007, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone recomend a good make of in the ear defenders? I have been told the sponge ones are rubbish and couldnt see any previous threads about them.
    Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Amplivox, the green issued ones...

    ut it would depend what you want to use them for I guess.
  3. on exercise so dont really want the issue.
  4. Is that despite the fact that they're the ones you are s'posed to use? the yellow foam ones as issued or the 'combat Ear Plugs' i.e. the two sided yellow/green baffle type, even the Racal moulded ear defence, then as a last or sometimes only option the Peltor/Amplivox.

    I don't know where you'd stand on a loss of hearing claim if you didn't use any of the issue ones.

    Any Shooting/fishing type shop sell a lot of decent ones though.
  5. Yeah we were issued the yellow foam things that didnt work. Now I am partially deaf and have tinnitus, but apparently the MOD say that because we were issued with bits of yellow foam they have no responsibility. looking on the bright side I can now listen to short wave radio without the inconvenience of having to listen to radio stations and without using a radio receiver.

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  6. What, running around with the issue green one stuck under my helmet? Think ill go for something else.
    Will have a look at the racal.
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  7. The combat ear plugs are pretty good tbh, I could stand next to a CVR(T) engine at full chat quite comfortable whilst wearing them (although that could be because I'm going deaf anyway)
  8. Cheers thecoops. Look like they wont fall out or off either. Plus double flange always better than one lol. I was thinking id have to pay £40+ so £14 quid sounds good. Anyone tried them?
  9. My advice would be to actually try the sponge ones and make your own decision
  10. Yeah, Ive tried the sponge ones that come in the cardboard box before but they used to come loose. Are there different variations of these.
  11. Did you roll them before bunging them in your lug holes ?
  12. yeah i used to wear them when working with chainsaws too and did roll them...odd ears i suppose
  13. Fair enough
  14. I have Surefire ones but the EP4 ones (dunno what the difference is). Great for shooting at things (wore them for the first time in the tunnels in Gibraltar, really good) and have variable levels of attenuation. Also if you push the middle bit in whilst somebody is talking to you, you can hear them a lot better. Not sure of the physics behind that but it works.

    Now I use them in environments with both ongoing and sudden noises and they are very good for both, very comfortable to leave in all day, and unlike the yellow ones slip straight into your ears without any moulding or whatever, you just push them in and off you go.


    Also worth mentioning, specsavers sell custom moulded (ie made just for your ear) earplugs for DJs, these are actually really good too, they are a bit more expensive at about £100 but they are really good, and extremely comfortable since they fit your ear perfectly, and use the mould to stay in, rather than pushing out to hold themselves in. No variable attenuation though.


    Another thing that's nice about both of them, is that Shure earphones fit directly into the earplug. So not only are these nice for blocking out bang bang but are also good when you're just sat on the tube and want to listen to your ipod in peace without having to crank it to the max to overcome the background noise.

    Also in both cases, I think I would agree with eodmatt, and say that it's best not to lose your hearing in the first place than it is to be able to make a claim in the event that you do - no amount of money will give you your hearing back. My current work offers me hearing protection which is similar to the yellow foam ones, they also say I'm not insured if using my own, but to be honest I'd rather be uninsured with good hearing, than insured and deaf.

    Prevention is better than cure, and all that. Use the right PPE and you won't need to make a claim so it's irrelevant.