eaning Iraq/ Afghanistan medals

Now obviously Iraq is overa dn Afghan should be winding down in the near future. However i was wondering if these medals (especially Iraq atm) are still 'available'?

Say for example if you went to IMAR Iraqi 'Sandhurst' now could you earn the medal. Similarly post-Herrick there is a commitment to their Officer training; could you do similarly?

Though for IMAR now that it's NATO Trainign Mission Iraq could you be awarded/ wear a NATO medal?
Interesting one this, the Iraq medal is now 'closed' so it might it worth petitioning the great and the good for permission to wear the NTM-I medal. I'd not advocate holding the breath on this one though. (IMAR - nice place)
Even the the campaign 'TELIC' has ceased, I'm sure there are a limited amount of staff jobs in Baghdad that still qualify for the CSM. They are few and far between and for higher ranking officers etc.

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