Might not be updated for some while. There could be no Beagles this year 8) Final decision next week...does not look good. £ signs and hours again.

Still never mind..looks like the premier display team is going to be the Hysterical Flight...mind you..they got a much better write up last year than the Astazou Formation Team anyway ;D
Just got confirmation of a Mighty Lynx this week, 6 shows only so get your tickets early !!
Any word on the team line up yet?

Need to get me cheerleading bit worked out for her Imperial Aerial Gorgeousness  :)
Her aerial gorgeousness is a crucial and vital part of the team

Birdscaring is an important role ;D
She is banned from the kitchens for curdling the milk ;D

I'd have her shifting coal................................in Wales
Hot Rumour..Sawasdee correct..6 shows only. Lynx from Destruction & Time-off Sqn on ad -hoc basis, same pilot as last season with young DE as Aircrewman. Chicken Legs TBC.

Lot of shows falling victim to current ops..Cosford gone. Armed Forces 2003 cancelled..Fairford looks like it will go down the tubes. No AAC aircraft on MITA...looks like a lean season.  :(

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