Eagles in Blackpool

Eagles did themselves proud in Blackpool today with a cracking Demo

Crying shame its not five Lynx though........ That was looping, doing wingovers and generally looking cool as the four battle sperms airtesteted in unison :D

No seriously, good show that pulled the crowd!

Would have been even better if a Door gunner could have opened up on all the shirtless jock chavs that were looking up and bickering whether or not it was a Tornado or a Space shuttle
Well, I was in Stowmartian on Sunday and we had the Lynx, Gazelle Apache flight courtesy of 3 flying over for the VE/VJ Day celebrations. Not as good as the Vintage flight I grant you. Also we had, wait for it ........Brotherhood of Man on stage. Amazing, the blonde one still looks quite fit. The officer I was with was singing along quite happily as well, that is until I clocked him.
Muttley said:
Five Lynx all flying at the same time MDN.....hmm...can't see that happening again soon.
:D :D It happened today at 1 Regt!! Ok, so it was a 4-ship demo for the CRA and the 5th was being airtested (which incidentally remained "US") but still, there were 5 Lynx (Mk 9s) all in the sky at the same time!

Oh yeah - and 1 of the 4-ship came back with a MGB Oil pressure/temp problem!

Perhaps not as good as it first sounded, then . . . :oops:
The Blue Eagles put on a display at Silverstone on Saturday just before the qualifying session.

As a budding helicopter pilot it was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. I'd heard about the Blue Eagles, but never actually seen them before and now I have....well, I was left speechless.

The Gazelles were great, but watching the Lynx pilot perform the Eagle Roll was out of this world. It's made me realise just how talented the pilots are and I hope one day I'll be there....it's a big target, but nobody got anywhere in life without aspirations!

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