EAA custom elite lever release pistol

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by JOE118118, May 27, 2013.

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  2. how about the rhino gun from the New Total Recall?
  3. any takers so far ????
  4. To borrow a word - gopping.

    What a farce it all is, and yes, I have a Super Redhawk that complies with UK law....

  5. i got a taurus lbr last year good gun but dont know how long it will last ! with the tanfanglio custom house pistol its quality is a totally different league compared to the taurus and will last longer and easier to get spares, even if you have to work a stupid slide release after every shot!
  6. Top - Ruger's FU Super Redhawk

    Bottom - Ruger' orphan child Old Army.


    No wonder the rest of the world takes the pish.


  7. laughing stock of the world, all of europe one can get a proper handgun!
    the ruger is looks the bollocks and you dont have to worry when it will fall apart, light strikes, cyclinder starts to bind after 300 shots because it was put togather by a lazy, Brazilian mongtard **** !
  8. Been a shooter since I was aged in single figures and have become ever more disenchanted with the way that the politicos of each and every stripe and their ACPO tosspots seem to be determined to remove firearms of all types from the law abiding public. In fact the main reason that I hold my FAC and SGC is that it causes problems for the local plod every time that I have to get a renewal.

    Right, sorry, rantette over. My question is this though, under current firearms legislation is it possible to get an existing revolver fitted with a non-removable bar (Snigger, looks in direction angle grinder) and a barrel shroud permanently fitted so that length criteria can be met?

    I suspect though that any revolver has to be initially manufactured with these mods.

    If these retro-fitted modifications fall within the law I might just be tempted to commission such a weapon based on a Webley .455 Mk VI. Agreed, would look ugly as F**** and a tad weighty but I have a definite soft spot for the old W** Stopper.
  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You could always try applying on the basis of "histrical study" but you gernally have to show involvement somewhere. The law doesn't ban pistols. It just makes them harder to get and harder to shoot.
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  10. would you get the lever release pistol ??
  11. Thanks for the idea Bouillabaisse, I've checked out the Section 7 provisions and they present a number admin difficulties that make it a non-starter, mostly down to my location. Not overly impressed with the mechanics of the lever release so I think that I shall have to keep on trying to find a solution. Re-locating to Ulster seems to be looking better and better.
  12. whats the problem with the mechanics of the lever release?? (apart from getting around such a stupid law)
  13. Don't even think of 'trying to get around such a stupid law' - it IS the law. You may figure something out that could totally f*ck it up for the rest of us here who can pretend - with a certain degree of selective blindness - that we're actually shooting a gun like EVERYBODY else in the real world has, instead of one that NOBODY else in the Free World has.

    This is the Southern Armoury take on a shorty-AR carbine......................

    tac's guns - semi-auto-semi-manual 9mm rifle/carbine - Pt 1 - YouTube

  14. have no intent to 'get around' the law! however muggy it may be! meat and two veg was questioning the mechanics of the lever release and i wanted to know what are his concerns about it

    i like the idea of the tanfoglio, i have a taurus lbr but not overly impressed with it !