E1 Medical Grade

Where have you seen this? - E1 med wise records the fact that you have unaided vision of 6/6! An E1 post or tour is basically "at trade"

Its the medical grade on my discharge cert. I know you get graded on different circumstances, id just like to know if i could ever re join with that rank.
Bump! Cmon guys! You can all do better than that! :? I'm his friggin grumpy old fart Dad and I need him back in the mob and out of my hair ( Or what's left of it ) :x

There is no such medical category as E1, are you sure it's not LE?

E1 only equates to eyesight under the PULHHEEMS system:

P = Physical capacity (Including overall capacity)

U = Upper limbs

L = Locomotion (legs and spine)

HH = Hearing standard (left and right ear)

EE = Eyesight standard (left and right eye)

M = Mental capacity

S = Stability (emotional)

Each element is graded 1-8 (or possibly 0, missing eye etc) 2 is normal, 1 is only used for eyes and ears.

The Pulhheems employment standards were changed last year, FD (was FE) is now the normal standard, LD (was LD) means the individual can still deploy on OPs but will need a medical assessment for each deployment to determine employability. The best thing to do is to go to the ACIO with the documentation and get the correct advice from the horses mouth!!

Cheers mate. Oi CIB, ARE YOU WATCHING FFS! Check out your paperwork again! :roll:
The only docs i ever recieved on discharge were my official cert's and a interim certificate of discharge stating discharge with the rank E1 in clear writing.

The interim form is B108C

I was told i do not recieve my actual medical docs as they stay in glasgow. Ive been sent left right and centre on the phones and ive been told the same every time.

I sent off a re-enlistment form at the AFCO with a GP's letter explaining im still fit to serve (but thats another story) and im waiting to hear back.
Makes sense! If he was medically graded as unfit for ALL military service, what grades, codes etc would you expect to find on his discharge docs? :?

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