Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Roy Sigs, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. I thought this e-petition may be worth signing. It is asking the govt. to consider letting all ex-servicemen and women have access to the Naffi and the like of. I think it could be useful as it would enable ex-military personnel to still retain their military connection which lots would like to do. It would enable serving personnel to chat to guys who have served and learn what it was like, and what it is like in civvie street, the petition can be found here Allow ex-service personnel continued access to the Naafi facilities - e-petitions my only thing would be how would they work the ID?
  2. Most NAAFI bars in the UK are shite, the lads would rather get tanked up in the block then head into town.

    The last thing they want is some old duffer boring them to tears about when he was defending us from the hordes of reds in BAOR.
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  3. Really? You want to pay more than you would in the high street or from Amazon? Feel free.

    Alternatively are you from Tehran? I think some would raise eyebrows at the thought of opening the gates to all ex-servers.

    Other than those thoughts, great idea.

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  4. Our Bar on camp has about 3-5 people in it during the week and they are normally only there for the free Internet. And during the weekend it does not even open.

    The main reason no one drinks in them any more is the price of drink, ours is more expensive than going to a normal pub.

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  5. Be fair, they would at least learn about proper weapons and decent calibres. And in 10 years time, the current mob can lecture the newbies on why the 5.56 mm is better than the 4.5 mm compressed atmosphere projectile systems (mind you, think how much more .177 ammo you can carry).
  6. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    **** me! You were considered a weirdo in Germany if you were in the block after 7pm.
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  7. And nowhere near camp at the weekend, This usually involved sampling Dortmunder pils until it was coming out your ears and sleeping in the hauptbahnoff (?). This acheived two things, firstly it saved you taxi fares running back to camp and then returning to 'The Glocke" each day but more importantly its kept you away from and idiots demanded they test troop readiness by having another practice crashout. If you were unfortunate enough to find your self involved in a crashout you could alway find an AEC recovery vehicle and some foam and employ that age old soldier's tradition of sleeping anywhere by dossing down on the back axle. Not the most comfy of beds but it kept you out of sight and if they did start up the noise and vibration was enough to wake you .
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  8. NAAFI far too expensive, and its boring, most of the lads head into town where the pubs are full of people that dont wear green and there are these things called girls. If NAAFI had loads of fine young fillys and a atmosphere and was cheap guys would probably go. As for letting the old duffers in the Legion is the place to go better class of colostomy bag there.
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  9. NAAFI 's died years ago as soon as (NAAFI/SPAR) lost the contract, now its overpriced bar's near PAYD that no one goes anywhere near, maybe your really after the tax-free option in germany, you one post wonder
  10. If it came in, The Traf would close within weeks due to lost patronage
  11. So you're suggesting letting a load of civilians, unescorted, onto military bases whenever they want to get drunk? I can only see that ending well.
  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Are there no such things as regimental/sqn bars any more?
  13. Do you know me?You seem to know my life story.