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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by superdriver, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. Lots of Thatcher threads at the mo. Is she about to cark it?

    That would certainly make 2011 a bumper year for dictators.
  2. I know a better idea. Pay for it with all the state benefits of those who will be signing the petition.
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  3. Fuck a stoat, Fally. That would be a state funeral to end all state funerals.
  4. I like bacon
  5. Actually, I'd like to suggest we introduce some of the ancient ways - particularly the ones where they immolate or bury a few thousand 'specially selected' individuals along with the ruler, coupled to the Chinese tradition of getting the 'honoured ones' to pay for it.
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  6. Blah blah blah.

    13 years of Labour fuck ups and you're STILL blaming Maggie?!
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  7. Explain to us why you want us to sign this petition. I don't want cut and paste shit, I want your reasons.
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  8. Cunts like this will be blaming Maggie forever. They will go on about milk being stolen from their mouths.....even though they weren't even born then and have no idea why it was done.
  9. Why was it done? I'm intrigued.
  10. Fcuk socialism , the refuge of the malingerer.

    I`d be happy to vote in favor of a tax payer financed funeral for Maggie , she did more for the UK than any labour crook.
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  11. TBH, I don't see the rationale for giving her a state funeral. I'm not sure that history will be all that kind to her, regardless of all the current bile on either side of the debate.

    Let's not forget that her offspring are truly, truly awful people - a state funeral would serve to give them undeserved prominence?
  12. Because more was being spent on milk than school books. And she only stopped it for those over 7 years old.

    Documents revealed under the 30 year rule show that she opposed the ban because it would "arouse widespread public antagonism".
  13. I don't know. However, I do know it was done for a reason, not to spite people. Kids under the age of 7 still got milk for free. It was probably an unnecessary expense that she thought would be a good idea to get rid of. I actually agree with it, why should people be getting free milk at school? Should the government give them free milk when they are at home and when they are at work?
    The problem is that there are so many varied reasons given on the net, its hard to say the exact reason definitively.

    I believe that Labour did the same in 1968 under Harold Wilson in 1968, but nobody goes on about it. So it looks like Labour just try to keep trying to such bitterness alive by forever shouting milk snatcher when referring to Maggie.
  14. More on the milk thing.

    From my research on the internet, free milk for kids was introduced in 1950 to give impoverished kids nutrition as there were quite a number due to the recent world war. Fast forward 40 years ahead and there are very few impoverished kids (if any) due to the benefits that are given, so there is no need for the added expense of giving milk to kids that probably don't appreciate or drink it.